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NearYou fitness class vouchers are the best gift this Christmas

15th November 2022

NearYou fitness class vouchers are the best gift this Christmas

Now is the best time to get ready for Christmas and the New Year.

The pressure is on UK families and household finances to cut back just before the festive season.

Let's face it many people will be looking to give gifts that won't break the bank.

The NearYou gift voucher service is the perfect solution!

They are easy to buy for family, friends, and colleagues.

Businesses can buy them to reward their employees.

It's been a tough year for many families and workers.

The NearYou Fitness Gift Voucher service helps solve the “what to give”problem.

Vouchers start from just £25.

Good health and fitness is the best gift you can give anyone no matter how young or old.

It's the Christmas perfect gift.

NearYou solves the problem because its a fully automated online voucher service. Customers can choose a voucher value buy the gift Voucher and we do the rest.

The recipient of the voucher can then redeem the value against; 

Fitness classes, class passes, events, workshops, courses, and on demand videos.

The platform takes care of all the pesky detail so that you can sit back enjoy Christmas in the knowledge that you have sent a gift that your friends and family will appreciate.

The gift of FEELGOOD.

Search for Gift Vouchers on NearYou

Pop in the search location for friends and family. Choose an instructor, studio, or club. Look for the Gift icon on the search pages and then click the link and buy the gift vouchers for people you wish to send a gift voucher to.

You will need the name, email, and mobile number of the recipient. Enter there details and buy the gift voucher. This will send them an email with details of how they can use the gift voucher.

They can then use the gift voucher against any of the instructor studios classes and activities. Its simple and easy.

Source: NearYou

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