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A beginner's guide to meditation

11th July 2022

A beginner's guide to meditation

Many people are interested in trying meditation but don't know when they should start. This article will address why it it best to start now, give it a go, and to encourage you to begin your meditation journey. 

Meditation can be practised at any point of the day which is most convenient for you. This could be in the morning, afternoon or evening. Meditation requires you to let go, so it is best to do meditation when you don't have to do anything else. This is because your mind won't be wandering towards that thing you “should be doing right now”. Instead, you will be able to fully relax, and enjoy the meditation. This will bring the most fruits and help you throughout your day. 

A meditation practise which involves the morning, afternoon and evening sessions is highly rewarding. This is because it will keep you grounded throughout the day and allow you to find rest throughout the day. Many people report that having a daily meditation practise dramatically improves their overall wellbeing, and improves their day. 

NearYou class finder is a great way to discover meditation classes that suit you and your experience level. With the class finder, you can choose your ability level, and whether you would like physical or online classes. You are also able to put in your location to find meditation classes near you. Finding in person classes near you is a great way to meet “Sangha”. 

Meditation classes are a great way to find likeminded people who are on a similar journey to you which can be really encouraging and uplifting. In spirituality we call this our “Sangha”. Sangha is a great asset and can help you learn more about meditation and spirituality and grow alongside your Sangha. 

Gradually and over time you will find a way of meditating this is right for you. There is no specific “right way of meditating”, it is for you to find. It should be noted that there is often a reason for meditating. It could be to find more peace and silence or rest, or just to feel rejuvenated. However, you may also discover lots of unexplained things happening in your life so it is great to be open to anything that happens as a result of meditation. 

When we start meditating lots of unusual things can happen. To begin with, you may actually start feeling worse than before. However, this is just a trick. Like with exercise, if you haven't exercised for your whole life then suddenly start there will be a shock to the system. This is natural so don't be put off by this if you feel unusual after beginning meditation for the first time. 

Your also not expected to feel peaceful all of a sudden or magically become a buddha when you have just begun meditation. Things will unfold naturally, and may be ugly at first, because lots of things are coming up which need to be exposed. However, over time things will gradually begin to settle. There is no time frame for this, just be patient and open and you will see this occur naturally. 

The buddha once said, one of the greatest attributes of a truth seeker is patience and perseverance. The one who seeks will eventually find what they are looking for.

Rumi put this beautifully when he said “What you seek, is seeking you”. 

We hope this article helps, and addresses any questions you may have had about Meditation.

Source: Saul Auty

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