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Alternatives to gym classes

6th November 2020

Alternatives to gym classes

It's here again another lockdown. Gyms have closed down for a month and the sad fact is many will probably not re-open unless they have the financial backing to weather the storm. In the USA big gym groups have closed permanently due to the pandemic and it will happen here in the UK.

Where can gym lovers go to keep fit?

During lockdown, we all still need to keep fit and healthy, online classes are the best alternative, especially as the weather is getting colder and outdoor activities are a less attractive option. 

Practicing at home and getting quality instruction for many is an attractive and affordable alternative. Thats where near you steps in with a range of high quality activities at affordable prices.

Is there an alternative to Gyms during lockdown?

There is a better alternative and that is to use the NearYou app and website. With hundred of the best online classes, workshops, events and on demand videos to choose from. Activities are run online by a select group of high quality teachers who continually receive 5 star Feefo ratings

Even better there are No membership feesNo join fees and No ongoing monthly payments. With no end in sight to the lockdown this is the easiest and most affordable way to keep active under lockdown.

If you are still paying for a gym or leisure centre membership read on.

How to cancel my gym membership payment?

Some gym companies say they have frozen all membership payments for the duration of the first lockdown, including The Gym Group, Pure Gym, DW Fitness First, Virgin Active, Nuffield Health and David Lloyd. 

HoweverBBC Money Box last week revealed that Virgin Active continued to take membership fees after lockdown 1.0 was introduced. In the programme callers who had cancelled their direct debits because they could not contact customer service were being pursued by debt collectors for outstanding membership fees!

The Money Box panel was unable to verify how wide spread this was but the advice given was to email the gyms first before cancelling direct debits. 

With lockdown 2.0 now in place you may wish to check your membership status. This lockdown could be more than just 4 weeks. Chances are it will last until March.

If you have a gym or leisure centre membership it would be wise to check out the terms and conditions before cancelling a direct debit. If you can contact the respective customer service teams as well. 

With NearYou you only pay when you book, and if you have an issue you can request a refund or a re-schedule from the instructor. 

What is the future of gyms in the UK?

It's a tough call. Well financed gyms will be able to weather the crisis but others smaller gyms may well face closure resulting in instructors and staff facing redundancy. Even worse many have spent money following government guidelines to make gyms safe only to find once again they have to close. The future looks bleak especially if the lockdown continues into the new year.

Certainly from the publics perspective using Pay As You Go services offered by NearYou with a great range of quality classes on a daily basis is a very good move. 

Find an online class here.

Source: NearYou

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