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Anthony Joshua v Tyson Fury big showdown in December

21st September 2022

Anthony Joshua v Tyson Fury big showdown in December

Tyson Fury is in talks with Anthony Joshua over an expected bout on the 3rd of December. According to Joshuas twitter account the fight has been confirmed.

Tyson Fury has come out publicly on his twitter account calling for AJ as his next fight. He stated in his video that his promoters have sent over the terms of the deal, and that he would like to fight on the 3rd of December. A few days later, AJ responded that the is agreeing to the fight in principle with some details to be sorted out over PPV earnings.

It is expected that the fight will take place at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff. 

The only details that have come out about the fight are that the fighters are negotiating over fighter pay. There are rumours it will be a 60/40 split in favour of Tyson Fury since he is putting his belts on the line. They say that if AJ was to win then the rematch would be a 50/50 split which is a very good split for AJ who has just come off a loss to Alexander Usyk. 

AJ a few weeks ago seemed on a downward trajectory after a loss against Usyk in their rematch. He looked like a fighter who just doesn't have what it takes to be the top of the elite in the current competition of heavyweight fighters. This realisation may have dawned on him when he lashed out after the fight which caused controversy. He later apologised and said that his emotions got the better of him. It has been a tough time for AJ with losses to Alexander Usyk and Andy Ruiz. However, this expected bout with Tyson Fury could be a redemption arc for the fighter. If the fighters sort out all the terms of the deal then AJ could put on a spectacular show against Fury. 

The fighters are looking at locations for the fight, and it only makes sense for it to take place at Wembley. This will be one of the biggest fights and both promoters Frank Warren and Eddie Hearn are happy for the fight to go ahead.

All that needs to be done now is for the promoters to confirm the last details and arrange the press conference. 

This fight will not just be big in the UK, but also around the world. Both fighters have huge followings around the world, and are huge names in the sport industry. This will be a fight watched by millions both in the UK and overseas.

It is a fight that fans have been looking forward too for a long time. With both promoters working on the last details of the fight it is expected the press conference will happen in the next few days.

Frank Warren, who is Tyson Fury's promoter said that they are expecting the deal to be completed very soon.

This is very exciting news for boxing fans especially British boxing fans who have been waiting for this fight for a long time. Hopefully all goes well, and fans get to see the two British Heavyweights fight in December 2022. 


Joshua twitter confirmed.

Image Johann Walter Banz Unplash

Source: Saul Writing

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