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Anti-Bullying and Self Defence Seminar for Children Manchester

18th June 2019

Anti-Bullying and Self Defence Seminar for Children Manchester

On schools and streets of Manchester, bullying and street crime is ever present. Manchester parents inform us of the fears they have for their children travelling to and from school. They are worried about the level and extent of bullying in the classroom and on the streets of Manchester.

Bullying can vary from verbal abuse to physical intimidation. When bullying becomes physical it is no longer bullying, it is an assault.

Children can benefit from learning skills that will help them deal with bullying and basic self defense training to deal with a physical assault.

We feel every child should be taught the skills to detect and diffuse a situation or stop a physical attack.

Special self-defence seminar for children aged 9 to 15 years old for boys and girls in Manchester.

Bullying has a negative impact on their children’s confidence and self-esteem, which impacts on children’s academic performance.

Worried parents should enrol their children into this seminar so that they can develop a set of skill sets to help them deal with school bullies and street crime.

This seminar will help children learn how to protect themselves from one of the most respected Martial Arts and Self Defence teachers in Manchester.

It will be fun and enlightening, focusing on how kids with even a few skills learned can be safer on the streets of Manchester.

Parents can watch, seating is provided. Children need to wear loose sports clothing and appropriate footwear or barefoot.

Equipment and refreshments are provided.

The Manchester seminar for children will cover Anti-Bullying and Self Defence

  • Self Defence - Self-protection techniques
  • Anti-Bullying at school
  • Conflict resolution - how to defuse situations without it being physical
  • Building confidence and how to lose the fear factor
  • Improve self-confidence and cognitive skills
  • Self and environment awareness
  • Role play – scenarios at school or on the streets


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