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Beginners guide to Meditation classes Near Me

2nd February 2020

Beginners guide to Meditation classes Near Me

Meditation classes help train attention and awareness, the aim of the classes are to achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm, and stable state.

Classes help people reduce the stress and clutter of modern living, creating a calm peaceful place.

What types of meditation classes are there? 

There are a few different methods or what some people call "practises" for meditation. In this blog, we will walk through a few of these methods, and talk about each one. 

The first and most traditional form is silent sitting. 

Silent sitting involves finding somewhere quiet in your house or your office. You will need to be able to sit here for at least 20 minutes. Find a position that is comfortable for you. This could be laying down, or it could be sat in the buddha pose, with fantastic posture.

Once you have found a comfortable position, and location to meditate. The next step will be to: sit quietly, and watch every thought and feeling that appears. 

You will see that thoughts appear, and disappear. This reveals that you are not thought, or the body, but the awareness who remains. 

The second form of meditation is watching movement. 

In this practise, one is to focus on the changing nature of breath, or nature. 

You will observe the constant change in the external world. You will observe all the movements of change.

Whilst you are watching, you will become aware of the fact, that all these "forms" or "objects" are changing, but you as the observer are not changing. 

Gradually, you will come to see how everything changes, except you, the witness of change itself. You are the unchanging. You are awareness. 

The third form of meditation is chanting and dance.

Music is a great form of meditation, because it reminds us of the formless. Music is all about spirit, soul, energy and life. 

When you sing, or dance, or chant, you are one with life. 

Dance until you forget your self. Chant until you lose your self, to the music, to the song, to the spirit. 

This can be extremely devotional, if you chose to sing a song dedicated to God or to the Spirit of life, or to the divinity within. 

All are very powerful, and great ways of connecting to life, beauty, and love. 

A few of my favourite songs to chant are:

Jai Ganga Ma

My Sweet Lord

Heart as Wide as the World

The forth form of meditation is praying.

When you pray, you have a conversation with the Lord, and ask him to help you in your day to day life. 

Or, you can ask him to reveal his divinity to you, or ask him to show the way. 

Jesus Christ said, "Knock on the door, and it will be answered". I always pray to the lord, asking for guidance, and to be shown the way.

Prayer can be very healing, and can open new doors to you. 

You must be honest with your prayer, and feel it from your heart. It cannot be false, because God knows what is false, and what is true. Be true to God, and he will be true to you. 

A beautiful video revealing the wonder of speaking to God is:

Papaji- Show me God

I really hope you enjoy it, it is rather wonderful. 

Beginners Meditation Classes

If any of these types of meditation appeal to you, there are hundreds of meditation classes on Near You across the US and UK.

Beginners will benefit from joining a beginners mediation class or mixed ability mediation class. Some teachers run introduction to mediation classes and its a good idea to join a class first and benefit from the teachers experience.

Using the activity finder, look for meditation classes or workshops or yoga meditation classes near you.

It is quick and easy to join up to your meditation class and begin your meditation or devotion. Getting involved will greatly enrich your life, and will fill you with beauty and joy. 

Find a mediation class Near Me in London

Source: Saul Auty

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