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Best ways to keep fit under lockdown

18th January 2021

Best ways to keep fit under lockdown

During the first lockdown people surged onto online Zoom classes. It was new, fun, and different.

Now we are in the 3rd iteration of lockdown the initial excitement has waned. However now is not the time to stop using Zoom fitness classes. Here is why.

This is NOT the time to stop exercising.

The stress of lockdown, loneliness, and lack of exercise is having an major impact on the nations mental health.

We look at things you can do to keep fit and healthy and make sure that you feel good throughout this 3rd iteration of lockdown.

1) Outdoor exercise

Under lockdown people have to keep fit at home. With the “Beast from the East” on the horizon keeping fit outdoors is really for the hard core fitness fanatics. It's also dangerous, with slippery pavements, ice snow, making falls more likely and lets face it a trip to the local A&E is unlikely to be a pleasant experience.

Cycling is a good way to keep fit but watch out on the roads. Drivers can be quite aggressive so make sure you have high visibility jackets and lights.

Walking is a very good way of keeping mobile a few miles a day will keep you fit and mobile.

Outdoor fitness classes are pretty much banned currently so probably not such a good idea unless your are prepared to pay a fine.

Swimming many pools are closed for many having a dip is not an option. Outdoors pools are few and far between and with many leisure centers closed the only option is the sea and who wants to swim in artic conditions. Only the very brave.. 

2) YouTube fitness videos

If you can fight your way through the advertising they are a way to practice some fitness routines. Essentially, they are one directional with no interaction. If your looking for well constructed user friendly fitness videos why not buy a fitness video series on NearYou.

With NearYou you get to watch videos series that will take you through a series of lessons. Prices vary from £10-25 they offer good value and your not tied to a membership fee. Quality is as good as Netflix or Amazon.

Just create a space at home, and stream the NearYou fitness classes through your phones or tablets onto your TV.

3) Fitness at home

It can be a lonely experience keeping fit. The main reason people go to in-person classes and gyms is to maintain a level of motivation. It can be hard to keep fit mentally. Plus without proper instruction it can do more harm than good.

It's easy to hurt yourself if your not practicing correctly and who wants a trip to the hospital? 

Why do it yourself when you can access some of the best instructors online and get interactive instructions? Find the best instructors and teachers on NearYou.

4) Join online Zoom classes

Zoom classes offer a good way to not only stay fit be to get personal instruction. With NearYou you can find the best teachers online for Pilate, Yoga, Dance, Meditation, Martial Arts and general fitness. 

With classes starting at just over £5 they represent very good value for money and you can try different instructors anytime to fit your schedule. Because it is Pay as You Go it is an easy very way to keep fit during lockdown.

Can you find online classes elsewhere? The answer is Yes. However, they usually require you to pay an ongoing membership fee. So whilst they do offer zoom classes your hooked into on-going payments.

5) Interactive At Home Gym Machines

During lockdown manufacturers have sold thousands of running machines. But they are not cheap! Not only do you have to find the space in your home or garage you have to buy the equipment. Then you have to pay $30-$50 a month subscription to use the interactive features. The total cost of these machines can range from $1000 to $3000 in the first year.

So they are too expensive for most people. And of course once the novelty has worn off you are left with a machine that will probably gather dust in the garage.

Why not find expert fitness instruction on NearYou

Qualified instructors, the best classes as rated by Feeo, great value, no long term commitment, Pay As You Go, fitness classes.

Find an online class here.

Source: Saul Auty NearYou

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