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Best Online #Fitness Classes

30th October 2020

Best Online #Fitness Classes

More parts of the country are facing lockdown everyday. With millions of people in lockdown already. #Stayhome and #Staysafe campaigns on social media mean even when its ok to go to a fitness class. Many people choose to stay at home.

Keeping fit and health during lockdown is important

As we go into the winter months because it improves the bodies ability to fight infection, maintain muscle strength, reduce stress, and anxiety.

Since the lockdown many people have tuned into online classes as away of keeping fit and health. Certainly, NearYou has seen a huge growth in online zoom fitness classes with Pilates and Yoga being the most popular.

Many instructors and studios have moved online reducing or stopping their in-person lessons due to local restrictions, or because the studio or leisure centres have closed down.

What are the Best Online Classes?

The best fitness classes in terms of popularity in lockdown are Pilates followed by Yoga. Both are really good ways to stay fit. They don't require any special equipment. You can practice in your lounge with or without a mat.

Children prefer martial arts or dance where they can have fun and exercise.

What online classes offer a personal connection?

Again Pilates in particular comes out top followed by yoga. Pilates classes are more fitness orientated than yoga which is more of a holistic approach. Both are good for keeping fit and healthy in mind and body.

Whats the best way to buy fitness classes online?

The best way to buy classes is to use credit or debit cards. We don't recommend taking out memberships as they tend to require ongoing payments and with the future so uncertain you should use a PAY AS YOUY GO SERVICE like

How do I find the best online fitness teachers?

Thats easy just down load the NearYou App or visit Its full of the best fitness instructors, fitness coaches, and teachers. You can see their reviews, star ratings, and even watch their promotional videos when searching for fitness classes.

All the instructors reviews are carried out by Feefo an dependent company to ensure that all reviews are genuine. This is important simply because some fitness instructors and studios buy reviews on Google, Google Places,Yelp, Facebook and make them up for their own websites. 

Reviews on NearYou are real. Read them here.

How much should I pay for an #onlineclass?

Prices are based on the duration of the class and the reputation of the instructor. Instructors with hundreds of 5 stars ratings will tend to charge more than a new instructor to the platform. Just find the type of classes you are looking,and you can compare the prices in APP or on The quality is excellent so its really down to you to decide how much you wish to pay.

Why wait? find the best online classes here.

Source: NearYou

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