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Best place to meet inspired and inspiring teachers online.

21st April 2020

Best place to meet inspired and inspiring teachers online.

Where can you meet and interact with the best teachers. On and mobile apps of course! 

Beat the lockdown by exercising daily. 100's classes online everyday, at affordable prices. What is there not to like?

Here we look answer a few questions as to why is the best for finding yoga and Pilates on zoom.

Why should I join an online yoga or Pilates class?

Sitting around all day is not good for you. It can quickly lead to back pain and bad posture, especially for older people locked down in their own homes. Joining a online yoga or Pilates class will give you a daily workout that will keep muscles mobile reduce back pain and improve posture.

Are online fitness yoga and Pilates classes as good as physical classes?

Feedback from the public gives online classes the big thumbs up. Many people are surprised at the ability of instructors to see what they are doing and make corrections. One on one zoom classes are proving that interaction online is very good.

“Fab pilates sesh with my teacher. It was like she (and the cats) were in the room with me. :) I was surprised how much we could do at a distance. It was great - would definitely do it again. :).

Looks like even the cat enjoyed this Pilates session

“Can't recommend the studio highly enough! Sally is such a great teacher, I leaving her classes feeling amazing! Even via video she can tell when I am not doing a movement correctly and gives valuable feedback in the moment.”

Great experienced instructors, who know how to explain movements and demonstration of how to do it properly online.

Where can I find the best online yoga teachers and Pilates instructors?

The best place to find online yoga and Pilates classes is on, mobile apps, and affiliated websites PilatesNearYou and YogaClassNearYou. Both sites have won Feefo gold star rating 3 years on the trot. NearYou won a Feefo platinum award in February 2020 for the quality of teachersg and the online booking service.

“Online with Kay Manby is a match made in heaven! The Near you service is excellent with inbuilt reminders for classes and an easy booking system and online facility.”

If you are looking for that perfect teacher, look no further than 

“Easy to book in and then made it easy to log into the zoom class on line. Super instructor with well explained movements and demonstration of how to do it properly on zoom.”

Classes advertised on the NearYou platform are run by some of the very best yogis and pilates teachers.

How will reviews help me choose an online class?

Reviews are probably the best way to sort out the very best teachers. We use them to rate instructors on the NearYou platform. Five star teachers are given greater prominence and this is especially true of online classes where technology as much as teaching plays a role. Which means some of the best instructors have had to adapt to new styles of teaching and presentation.

Reviews give you the customer an insight as to the quality of NearYou classes, rated Platinum by Feefo.

Not all reviews services are the same. NearYou only uses Feefo verified reviews from people who actually attended the classes in question. Other sites use Google Reviews, Trust pilot Reviews, or simply make their reviews up or pay people in Asia to add reviews.

NearYou guarantees all are teachers reviews are from genuine customers!

Find an online Zoom Yoga or Pilates Class on

Thousands of zoom classes available daily, including hundreds of Pilates and Yoga online classes, all at your finger tips, on your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Why wait to cease up get the flex on now. 

Source: NearYou

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