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Bowen Technique a hands on approach to relieving pain

4th October 2021

Bowen Technique a hands on approach to relieving pain

What is the Bowen Technique?

Bowen arrived in the UK in 1993. The Bowen Technique is a recognised hands-on complementary holistic therapy, which many turn to for significant relief from troubling aches and pains and can address long-standing issues.

What does Bowen Do?

Bowen is a therapy that assists the natural healing process to help you to relax … this releases muscular tension, improves posture, flexibility and helps to reduce your pain.

Who developed the Bowen technique?

The Bowen Technique was first developed in Australia by Thomas Bowen (1916 to 1982). His interest and study of the human muscular structure led to the development of this gentle body-work technique. Since then, the knowledge has spread around the world and now thousands of Bowen practitioners help clients address a wide range of issues.

How does Bowen work?

The body is a self-regulating bioenergetics and biomechanical entity that tends towards self-regulation. As long as the proper neurological and neuromuscular context exists, the body has the innate ability to self-regulate and return to balance. Neuromuscular imbalance can develop throughout the body, causing the manifestation of illness. If these imbalances can be resolved, the body would once again regulate itself.

Bowen stimulates and normalizes neuromuscular imbalances. Part of the brilliance of this healing arts is techniques that allow the body to automatically and systemically reintegrate via stimulation of the central peripheral and autonomic nervous systems. The results is the removal or reduction of pain and imbalanced physiological conditions that manifest as a host of ailments. As the techniques are applied there is an orchestrated response involving alpha and gamma motor neurons, spinal reflex arcs, the motor cortex of the cerebrum, the cerebellum and the basal ganglia.

How many Bowen sessions should I attend?

Depending on the extent of the imbalance, three to four treatments of approximately over an hours sessions will achieve a desirable and long-lasting result. The sessions are very gentle and non-invasive, with no forceful manipulations. The treatment consists of a sequence of specialized “moves” as they are called, which are directed in a specific and systematic manner. The moves are a cross-fiber gentle manipulation of muscles, tendon, ligaments and nerves using varying pressures. Spaced by resting periods that allow the body to reintegrate.

Some Bowen clients find improvement holding after only one or two sessions. For others, it may take longer, perhaps between 3 to 6 sessions. Clients with ongoing chronic conditions often continue with therapy on a regular basis to maintain their wellbeing. 

Bowen therapists report its amazing results in treating a multiplicity of ailments.

Which disorders typically benefit from Bowen Sessions?

Angina, asthma attention deficit disorder (ADD), autism, back pain, Bells palsy, bursitis,, chronic fatigue syndrome, colitis constipation, deafness, depression digestive disorders. Dyslexia dysmenorrhea fibromyalgia, gallbladder pain, headaches (including migraines), herniated disks, infertility, liver pain menniers disease, multiple sclerosis pain (of any types), Parkinson’s disease. Prostate. Sciatica scoliosis. Seizures, shin splints, sinusitis, tennis elbow, TMJ, urinary disorders, vision problems and more.

Are Bowen therapists trained?

Registered Bowen practitioners must have completed a minimum of 120 hours of training in the Bowen Technique and a minimum of 12 case studies. They must also studied Anatomy & Physiology and completed First Aid Training.

Where do I Find a Bowen Practitioner?

Find qualified Bowen practitioners on NearYou website and mobile Apps. Or just follow the link below. 

Supplied By: Laura Finch
Source: Laura Finch

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