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Cool way of booking online classes under lockdown

14th April 2020

Cool way of booking online classes under lockdown

Today, we’re excited to announce that you can now join Online Active Experiences. Thanks to the dedication and passion of the instructors and teachers on NearYou you can now experience the best from your home.

Support your local fitness professionals, join an online class, keep fit, keep active, in mind and body.

Meet great teachers online, get great instruction.

Try something new together with small groups, or even book a one to one session. Virtual classes are wowing customers. 

Online fitness classes getting 5 star Feedback 

“Cool way of booking online classes under lockdown. Fab pilates sesh with my teacher. It was like she (and the cats) were in the room with me. :) I was surprised how much we could do at a distance. It was great - would definitely do it again. :) Sarah 

“Very good classes, so simple and easy to buy the passes which are flexible to use. Useful app. Intelligent Yoga for a healthy body and mind.” Trusted customer

“Near You site was easy to navigate and use. The online class content was excellent with an outstanding dance teacher who connected well with the class.” Trusted customer

“This was great! I was surprised at how easily Ana was able to see - and correct me! :) Amy

“Yoga on-line On-line portal worked well. Perfectly balanced yoga class. Excellent explanation, demonstration and diction.” Gary

Join yoga classes, pilates classes, dance fitness, and more—all while meeting new people.

Its easy to book online class on Near You

Its never been easier to book virtual classes, with the best fitness teachers. No contracts, no membership fees just book a online class as and when you want.

Find online fitness classes on Near You

Just use the search to find instructors in your local area running online classes. Choose a class book online. Its that simple.

Everyday more classes are being added including Yoga, Pilates, Dance, Martial Arts, Nutrition classes, wellness, Mindfulness, Stress relief, Barre fitness, aerobic classes for starters.

Source: NearYou

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