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Covid-19 Compliant Fitness Classes opening up in September Near Me

26th August 2020

Covid-19 Compliant Fitness Classes opening up in September Near Me

Fitness classes are starting again across the UK. We expect more classes to re-open in September but not all classes will resume due to the venues not being ready, or unable to meet the UK government recommended requirements. On the NearYou website and mobile apps Covid-19 classes are highlighted so that you can easily see which venues are open and are ready for customers.

Please note class sizes are smaller and the price per class will in maybe higher. This is to cover the extra cost of cleaning and smaller class sizes. You are strongly advised to book and reserve your place early if you wish to attend a class.

We are seeing a strong rise in bookings in August so we recommend that you book blocks or ClassPasses Now.

Covid-19 Fitness class Booking and Payment Advice?

Please Do not turn up to a class without pre-booking. The government advise payment by card, DO NOT present cash, or cheques. On the NearYou messaging system do not include bank account or payment details or pay monies direct into bank accounts to prevent fraud.* 

When you pay by credit or debit card you are protected and its easy to request a re-schedule or a refund. With Covid-19 ever present this means customers have peace of mind should they contract the virus you or a member of your family and have to self-isolate will not loose out financially.

You can also contact NearYou should you have issue. Contact us.

Covid-19 Studio and Venue Advice?

Take your own mats, and fluids, changing rooms may not be open. Follow the venue guidelines and instructions. Leave a class quickly, you are advised not to mingle with other customers to minimise the risk of infection.

Covid-19 Feeling unwell?

If you are feeling unwell or suffering from Covid-19 symptoms let the instructor know in advance use the NearYou messaging system and get tested.

Confirmed cases should use the NearYou messaging system to let the instructor, studio or club know so that they can inform customers who may have been in contact.

Covid-19 Online Zoom Classes?

Online classes are very popular and the quality of online classes is very high. During the Lockdown NearYou received more 5 star Feefo reviews than at any time over the last 4 years! The ease of access, great value, and importantly the quality of the teachers was very much appreciated by our customers. Read our Feefo reviews here.

Online zoom classes will continue in the Autumn some instructors and studios may reduce the number of online classes. You are advised to book these classes up to reserve your place.

There are hundreds of classes running daily, everything from Pilates, Yoga, Dance, Meditation, nutrition click here to find online classes.

Covid-19 Back to work

Many customers are returning to work in September, changes in work patterns mean that flexibility is now even important than ever. 

Whats the best way to book classes under Covid-19?

It is advisable to buy ClassPasses which give customers the ability to buy credits in advance then pick and choose which classes they wish to attend. 

To help studios and instructors are mix and matching venue based and Zoom classes allow you to attend zoom classes and venue based classes. We expect more to come on the market in September.

Covid-19 How do I choose a fitness class?

During lockdown Pilates and Yoga and mediation classes have been the most popular activities on NearYou. The quality of online classes has been very high. We recommend checking out reviews before booking a class. They give customers valuable feedback. 

We do not recommend just going on Google search or places, or maps to booking a class on individual websites unless you are an existing customer of that instructor or studio. Many fitness classes were cancelled but the websites and even mobile apps have not been updated. In many cases the studios have closed or ceased trading or the fitness instructor is no longer teaching.

Look out for Covid-19 compliant logos on classes on NearYou

How to book of fitness class thats Covid-19 compliant

Go to , enter your location. Look for the venue based green tick against a class. Book in advance on line. 

Alternatively, download the NearYou mobile apps the best way to access book online, manage your bookings and ClassPasses. Click here to open a NearYou account or login to access the best fitness Classes.

  • NearYou accepts no responsibility for direct payments made to instructors, studios or clubs outside the NearYou online booking system and will not get involved in any disputes.
Source: NearYou

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