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Deontay Wilder v Tyson Fury Rematch Reminder! Get the lowdown on the showdown.

20th February 2020

Deontay Wilder v Tyson Fury Rematch Reminder! Get the lowdown on the showdown.

This blog is a quick reminder that Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury will be facing each other, to find out who is the best Heavyweight in the world, on Saturday the 22nd of February. The fight will be taking place in Las Vegas, in the MGM Grand Arena, which has hosted many monumental fights in the past, including the likes of Floyd Mayweather's bouts, and some of Mike Tyson's.

The fight in the UK will be shown in the early hours of the morning, with BT Sports coverage starting from 12pm on Saturday night.

You feather duster!" ? Best bits from chaotic Wilder v Fury press conference

In order to watch the fight, you will need to buy the pay per view show on your TV or computer which costs £24.95. The show will be able to be watched on Sky, Virgin, BT, and Talk Talk Tv. You will even be able to stream it on your laptop, or mobile from the BT website or app.

The fighters are currently giving their last press conferences in the build up to the fight on Saturday. The forums in Las Vegas have been packed with fans, who have turned up to see two of their favourite fighters in the Heavyweight divison.

Both fighters have been great promoters of this fight, with their eye catching charisma, and self-confidence.

Tyson tells the presenter who is interviewing him, "we both have put alot on the line. It is going to be an entertaining fight. May the best man win." He also said how it will be one of the biggest Heavyweight fights in the last 50 years of the Heavyweight division."

At the show, Tyson and Wilder went all out on their appeareance. Tyson was wearing a very bling suit with a picture of his face covering the entirety of his blazer. Wilder also came out in stylish fashion with a fur coat, and large gold chains, covering his bronze bomber physique.

These fighters are not short in condfidence, or money, and are not shy in boasting their greatness. Wilder in his grand entrance to the conference, boasted "once I beat Tyson Fury in groundbreaking fashion", there will only be "one name, one face of the heavyweight division".

Deontay Wilder is an extremely confident man, who knows that "greatness lies within me". He is full of presence when he walks into the room, and why wouldn't he be, with 41 wins by knockout to his name, and no losses. The man is undefeated, and is blessed with a power that the world has never seen before.

Tyson Fury does not seem to be afraid of this. When asked about how the fight will go, he responded with the words, "second round, two rounds". He is sure he will knock Wilder out within the second round.

Tyson is a man who does not fear any fighter. He does not fear the devasting power of Wilder, and in fact wants to take the fight to him. The "fans are definitely in for a treat", he says whilst smiling to all the British fans who have travelled to Las Vegas to see their Gypsy King win.

A huge roar goes out from the fans as Tyson and Wilder walk off the stage. The tension can be felt in the air. Two of the greats, walk into the shadows, without looking back. There is no going back now. Only one can be victorious on Saturday night.

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Tyson Fury Autobiography

Source: Saul Auty

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