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Freedom Day hints and tips to help you get back into fitness classes safely.

16th July 2021

Freedom Day hints and tips to help you get back into fitness classes safely.

Freedom Day 19th July in-person fitness classes now officially open!

Great news the lockdown is being lifted on the 19th July and this means that fitness activities are opening up across the country.

Use NearYou PAY As You Go service because it gives you the freedom to book a class online, offline on a day and time to suit you. Demand is high so please book online.

In-person classes sizes will be controlled some and restrictions will remain.

Here are some hints and tips to help you get back into classes safely.

How should customers book fitness classes?

  1. Only book classes on reputable websites or mobile APPS
  2. Look for COVID ready safe logos or notifications
  3. Only book online with your credit or debit card. 
  4. Book in advance do not turn up and expect to join a class you are likely to be turned away.
  5. Take water for hydration
  6. Take your own mat if your doing Pilates mat classes or Yoga classes
  7. Take your own hand sanitizer 
  8. Wear loose fitting clothing and a warm top as changing rooms may not be open.
  9. Don't hang around before or after a class to reduce possible infection.

If your not confident about returning to in-person classes book online zoom classes or purchase VOD ) video on demand classes.

What customers should avoid when booking in-person classes?

  1. Avoid websites that don't look reputable 
  2. Don't use websites that insecure and don't display a secure padlock
  3. Turn up to a class on spec and expect to get in 
  4. Do not pay with cash or cheque.
  5. Do not send your bank details by email or a messaging service
  6. Avoid the temptation to buy a membership or pay joining fees

What should I do if I have to self-isolate?

  1. If you are showing COVID systems or are unwell let the instructor know immediately.
  2. If you have been advised to self isolate follow the rules and message the instructor
  3. Request a re-schedule or refund.
  4. Only return to classes once you have the all clear and have followed the self-isolation rules.
  5. Don't forget its best to communicate rather than turn up and infect other customers. 

Bear this in mind!

Although in-person activities are opening up from the 19th July not all venues or studios are open. Ones that are open maybe taking bookings for dates in the future. Even so class sizes are limited so please book early.

What are the Best way to book fitness classes?

  1. Find a class on NearYou Book early don't wait, classes are filling up fast.
  2. Look for star ratings and read reviews before you buy.
  3. Pay securely on
  4. Only use NearYou it provides in-person customer support if you have an issue.
  5. Buy ClassPasses they give you more flexibility.

Freedom Day

The government is doing its best to open up the economy and help people get back to normality, however their will be bumps on the way possible more local lockdowns, the wise will use NearYou PAY As You Go service because it gives you the freedom to book a class online, offline on a day and time to suit you. 

All backed up by our reschedule or refund policy.

Avoid on-going gym and studio memberships, these have traditionally proved to offer poor value for many customers. Do you really want the hassle of trying to get refunds from companies who in the first lockdown did not answer their phones?

Find in-person classes NearYou here.

Source: NearYou

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