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Gong meditation can help you discover peace and tranquility - find a gong bath Near Me

28th February 2020

Gong meditation can help you discover peace and tranquility - find a gong bath Near Me

Gong Baths are a form of sound therapy, that is used to calm and nourish your soul. The practise which can sometimes be called Gong Mediation, is "a unique type of sound practice that involves using therapeutic gong sounds and vibrations to bring about healing".

During a gong bath, you are invited to lie down on a yoga matt, or comfortable surface with a pillow and close your eyes. The guide will then proceed to play the gong softly, whilst you rest.

Gong baths are essential in discovering zen, peace, the essence, soul.

Gong baths are a formula to hearing the eternal, in a complete resonant sound, that reverberates throughout your being.

The sound of the gong guides you to where you are most at peace. The sound of the gong guides you to silence.

How can the noise of a gong bring you peace and silence?

People come out after a gong bath, and feel so relaxed, so quiet, so blissful. Nothing can disturb them, they are like space moving through space, or water being poured into water. They walk out of the yoga studio, and feel refreshed.

The noise of the gong can bring peace and silence, because peace and silence are your essential nature. The gong creates a hum, a vibration, an essence of peace, that cannot leave. It reminds you of your peace that cannot leave, that has always been there, beyond thoughts and feelings. 

Why gong baths so effective?

All the time there is so much noise. There is so much movement, constant change. It can become so tiring. That you can sometimes forget your stillness. When you forget your stillness, you forget that your essential nature is peace, and silence.

When you forget, you appear to be disturbed. The gong reminds you that you have never truly been disturbed, but that you had simply forgotten your stillness, and tranquility.

Why are gong baths called a "gong bath"?

It is called a "gong bath", because you bathe in your silence. You do not run a round, you do not act like a headless chicken. No, instead, you are quiet, relaxed, comfortable, and resting.

You bathe in the sounds of the gong. You bathe in your peace and tranquility. You bathe in bliss.

What is the gong bath revealing?

The gong bath is revealing yourself. It is not moving. It is not changing. It is not restless, or tired. It is purer, than pure. It has not been created, but has always been there. No words can describe it.

The gong bath reveals your self. The truth of who you are.

Watch the video demonstrating what a gong bath can be like

Sound Healing with Crystal Bowls by Michelle Berc.

Where can I find a Gong Bath near me?

It is so easy and simply to find a gong bath. All you have to do is search "Gong Bath" on Find a location near you, choose a time and price that suits you.

Recommended Gong Bath workshops

Yoga Studio in Poole runs regular Gong Baths. Yin Yoga And Gong Bath Workshop With Mirja.

Julia Anastasiou in London runs Red Tent sessions that offers women a state of beingness rather than our continual doing mode. How about not do anything for a few hours?

Source: Saul Auty

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