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Here's how fitness instructors can beat the lock down, run virtual Classes and accept bookings effortlessly.

5th April 2020

Here's how fitness instructors can beat the lock down, run virtual Classes and accept bookings effortlessly.

Just launched a new digital service that gives fitness professionals, yoga teachers, Pilates instructors, dance teachers, personal fitness instructors, the opportunity to get paid for online classes.

Everything about this crisis is extraordinary. The speed at which it has happened, and the speed which has created a new digital service.

Beat the lock down by creating Virtual Classes and accept bookings effortlessly on NearYou.

Today we are rolling out the ability for fitness professionals and studio owners to paid for your online lessons. 

This gives you the ability to offer customers the chance to exercise and keep fit in their own homes.

It also opens up an opportunity for you to maintain an income steam that will support you during these difficult times. All things must pass, businesses that maintain their advertising during bad times will come out fitter and stronger.

Here is what one studio owner said:

“Today I taught my first online Mat Class through NearYou and am setting up an online schedule that includes all of our teachers. 

The feedback from clients about the booking and payment process was hugely positive! It is super-easy book and payand access the classes via Zoom. NearYou have made it so simple!”

Honestly, we are already creating a new revenue stream seamlessly and effortlessly by hosting a virtual studio for our clients using the NearYou platform.”

Turn this extraordinary crisis into an extraordinary opportunity.

Instructors and studios have embraced the opportunity to get paid for your Online Lessons.

If you have not made the move, now is the time.

How to sell and promote your Virtual Classes Effortlessly

No complex set up just utilise the marketing and booking platform and the Zoom streaming service.

* Create NearYou profile to maximise your visitor traffic & bookings.

* Schedule live classes on Zoom and NearYou.

* Take secure online payments seamlessly on NearYou & your OWN website.

* NearYou automatically sends Zoom links to customers.

* We take care of order confirmations, notifications and reminders.

* See who's booked into your online classes, by day, by time.

* Receive Feefo reviews and feedback on your virtual classes.

* Set your own prices and OFFERS

Join now, create virtual classes and sell them online.

Add any activity, Pilates, Yoga, Dance Meditation, fitness exercises, nutrition and wellbeing for example.

"How To Zoom Manual" take payments and utilize Zoom

We have created a step by step guide to setting up a Zoom schedule and online payments on NearYou. Available to you when you join your account.

"How to Stream" Manual

Get hints and tips on marketing your classes and getting the best prices, how to use social media to get bookings for your online classes.

Join today to access the manual.

People are searching for online classes

Reach more people looking for classes on the UK's No1 class finder. NearYou's unique service combines digital services, physical location activities, online payments on one platform... that can help you now ... and for when the crisis over. 

Help & Support

We are experiencing very high demand for this service so please take action now, get involved and benefit from our forthcoming marketing campaigns.

Additional digital services and enhanced messenger service will be announced shortly.

Join and sell your online classes. Start today.

Source: NearYou

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