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How can Fitness studios and instructors embrace the unpredictable?

20th August 2020

How can Fitness studios and instructors embrace the unpredictable?

The future has never been as unpredictable as it is today. One thing that we can predict is that the Covid-19 crisis has permanently accelerated in new ways of living and working.

Time spent online increased by 71%* during the full lockdown period.

A huge shift is taking place, consumers have become more willing and able to use digital methods of engagement. Joining online class and buying on demand fitness videos.

Accenture conducted two COVID-19 surveys that highlighted that during the pandemic (ongoing), consumers have moved from resisting digital interactions to embracing them.

Has online searches for fitness activities changed forever?

The simple answer is yes. The lockdown redefined search for location based fitness and gym activities to online activities. The switch was dramatic, overnight consumer location based searches plummeted.

Google ran its algorithms over its business places platform and programmatically closed fitness studios, clubs, schools and a whole range of other businesses overnight.

Strong brands like was well positioned to overcome the switch in search criteria and Googles actions, adopted a strong marketing and communication approach to its established subscriber base, increased advertising, and activity on social media for digital classes and on demand video.

The lesson here is move fast and make things! 

NearYou Taps into the online trend for fitness classes

NearYou tapped in early to the switch in demand by consumers for online classes, introducing zoom classes, events, workshops, and on demand fitness video's.

By adapting, changing, and creating new services NearYou online bookings surged.

The NearYou platform experienced an immediate switch to online Zoom classes, and on demand video.


During the (initial) lockdown period booking revenue grew by 34% and customers numbers doubled from March 24 to July 24 when the lockdown was eased for gyms and fitness studios (compared to the period in 2019).

Clearly, NearYou managed the switch from venue based activities to online activities seamlessly, connected with consumers and delivered an outstanding service.

Independent 5 star reviews for the period exploded! People were so grateful that they could access the best fitness instructors on line quickly and easily. Evidenced by Feefo a independent review service that verifies customers reviews.

Who are the Fitness industry Covid-19 winners and losers?

The losers are the fitness businesses that have waited for the lockdown to end hoping that everything would go back to normal. The sad fact is there is no normal.

The winners will be fitness instructors, Pilates, Yoga, Martial Arts, meditation, and Dance, and other activity teachers who embrace the future adopt platforms like NearYou that are quick to change, focus on consumers, and provide a seamless booking experience.

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Source: NearYou

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