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How fitness instructors can prosper in 2021

30th December 2020

How fitness instructors can prosper in 2021

We live in crazy, troubling times.

For many fitness instructors 2020 was a nightmare. The lockdowns played havoc with classes and events. Finances were hit hard with many gyms and studios closing for months on end. Membership income was often frozen or refunded. As a result cash flow was a major issue. Some prospered many suffered.

Does the current crisis present an opportunity for fitness professionals in 2021?

In the Chinese language, the word "crisis" is composed of two characters, one representing DANGER and the other, OPPORTUNITY.

Huge numbers of fitness businesses are in even more danger in 2021, many finding it hard to adapt, trying to do it themselves with little to no support.

  But many NearYou instructors are not only surviving. They are prospering. And earning a very decent living.

Online bookings grew by +32% in 2020 compared to 2019!

How is this even possible?

“With the NearYou platform, what could be perceived as the death of the Studio in the crisis has been transformed into a huge business opportunity which we will continue to use after we open our doors again.” Body Aware Studio

  For many the pandemic is a crisis representing only danger, because from March 2020 people:

* Cancelled their fitness memberships

* changed the way they searched and paid for activities

* had higher expectations of online services, demanding easy to use booking services

* depended on trustworthy reviews rather than word of mouth

* accessed activities through multiple devices

* loyal customers vanished into the ether 

 However, the instructors who flourished saw the crisis as an OPPORTUNITY.

NearYou instructors did their bit to attract bookings.

The ones who succeeded embraced online wholeheartedly; enriched the student’s experience by making the classes interesting; offered flexible class passes; created video series; encouraging Feefo reviews.

They used all the tools NearYou gave them – encouraged Feefo reviews– perhaps the second most powerful tool to attract clients.

  On our part, NearYou, at a time when our competitors were cutting back, we spent a fortune in re-engineering the platform, pioneering online zoom bookings and upgrading our iPhone and Android Apps, adding video on demand to give you all you need in this changed world.


“NearYou has nailed it. It’s a one-stop shop for my zoom classes, events and workshops, tech made easy. I recommend it.”  

Yoga with Astra

   Already the UK’s number one class finder, you’ll know we help you market all your classes, events, workshops and video, manage bookings, take payments seamlessly, share your activities. An online presence on NearYou beats any other website. Attracting high spending quality clients, even in these difficult times.

“It's a great way to advertise, comes up on Google and people can just book in seconds. Most of my students come from the platform …. and I love the reviews.” Zenzone Yoga

The Feefo reviews are helping my business expand... it's quicker than word of mouth. Love it!” Pilates Element

  What’s also new?

Scheduling classes now takes just minutes; we help you get vitally important Feefo referrals; show you how to get fresh income from Zoom and on demand videos.

 You can be assured of our competence - the independent industry experts in both E-commerce and GHP’s Awards 2020 rank us No1 for effectiveness.

 Our trustworthiness is assured - Feefo have awarded us their highest accolade, Feefo’s Platinum Trusted Service Awards in 2020.

“Love NearYou it looks great, it gives me a very professional image, and reaches a big audience. The Feefo reviews are helping my business expand ... it's quicker than word of mouth. The ability to take bookings is a godsend, I can run back-to-back classes easily, because they all pre-booked. The revenue reporting is great and this gives me more time to focus on my customers. Love it!”  Pilates Element

Yes, I’ve read enough. I want to sign up!

Is it expensive?

 Resoundingly not! In the words of Ann Lock, “Education is expensive but ignorance is more so.” However, NearYou is a fraction of the real cost of booking and other systems that deliver a fraction of what NearYou offers.

 Can you afford not to sign up – the cost that is less than a third of what the average UK family is spending on take-outs every week?

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” – Chinese Proverb.

 You may have lost out on increased customer bookings in 2020. You don’t have to lose even more to your competitors in 2021!

千里之行,始於足下 "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" Chinese Proverb - Lao Tse.

  Your journey to success is more like a thousand yards, as we have done much for you already.

Put your best foot forward. Now.

Use every tool we give to you. It’s that simple.

 You may stumble and falter – but together you can dance to a brighter future – with you every step of the way. But take your first step now and sign up here.


Yes! I want to succeed – count me in.

Why not make this the very next thing you do, while this is fresh on your mind?

We look forward to you joining us. Ready for 2021.

Source: Saul Auty

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