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How much can a fitness trainer earn a month near me?

3rd November 2021

How much can a fitness trainer earn a month near me?

Helping people keep fit and healthy is a good way to earn a good living. The lock down has changed the way in which fitness professionals and teachers earn a living. It has opened up opportunities and focused demand for the best instructors.

What are the benefits of being a self-employed personal trainer?

The biggest benefit is that you get to help people get fit and stay fit and get paid. It also brings a level of freedom that you just can't get doing a 9-5 job. This is particularly true if you have a young family or have reached an age where the daily office routine or pressure of work has made working for someone else to stress-full.

Plus, running a fitness business on the NearYou platform is a great way to earn a very good income, it takes care of all the marketing, bookings and reporting.

Can fitness instructors earn of good living working for a gym or studio?

The sad fact is that many gyms closed down over the lockdown periods and this resulted in a huge loss of revenue from people cancelling their memberships. A few have recovered whilst others are struggling to rebuild their membership numbers. 

At the same time Gyms are trying trying to build back their income streams and as a result running no classes at all or fewer classes (because they are a cost). 

The impact on teachers as independent contractors is that in the UK and USA many gyms and studios that are running classes are reportedly only prepared to pay low hourly rates. Which means for many instructors the idea of working for less when inflation is starting to bite is not one that many are keen to take up.

Others split the revenue, whereby the studio keeps anything between 30-40% of the revenue. If the gym or studio has fewer members then you lose income too. With some gyms and studio's running incentives such as free class promotions you may have to work for free.

The outlook for instructors working for gyms and leisure centres is not ideal. A few self employed contracted teachers will continue to earn good money, many others will struggle to on lower wages or lower revenue splits.

Already many have left the industry to find more reliable sources of income.

Others are looking at setting up their own business to maximise on the demand for fitness classes and professional instruction.

Hybrid instructor model

Fitness instructors and gyms are looking at new ways to retain and grow revenue. At Near You we are seeing instructors renting space from gyms and purpose built studios. This has advantages for both parties as they can both draw on their respective traffic.

Here instructors run their own marketing and booking services thereby having control over their customer base and charge their own prices. This means revenue flows directly into fitness instructors bank accounts. They can run offers and promotions that suit their customer base. They also benefit from the daily foot flow that gyms and studios generate.

The gyms and studios benefit from the rent that they charge which can be based on a per hour, day, or an ongoing rental contract. It also means that can advertise the availability of classes without the cost of employing instructors or working out payroll or other human resource requirements. It actually save them time, and money.

The hybrid model is working well for instructors going down this route. It also means that instructors can run classes in modern purpose built facilities and they can charge more per activity.

Gyms are now more open to ideas and its worth contacting a local gym to discuss rental options.

Can Personal trainers and fitness instructors earn more running their own classes?

The simple answer is yes. The NearYou earning estimator breaks down potential earnings by location based on average class prices being purchased in that area. Running your own business can be very rewarding. Many studio owners started on NearYou growing from running a few classes to running thriving studios.

The NearYou instructor revenue estimator shows that self-employed personal trainers and fitness professionals can generate a good income by even if they are running just only a few classes per month. More classes mean more revenue. Plus benefiting from the freedom NearYou platform offers!


What are the benefits of running your fitness business on NearYou?

The main benefit is the NearYou is a marketing and booking platform it integrates all the services that an instructor needs to run a fitness business from attracting students, to taking bookings, managing students, getting financial business information all on one single admin.

NearYou gives instructors the ability to promote and take bookings for in-person class, events, workshops, courses and video on demand at a very affordable subscription charge annually or every six months.

Instructors and teachers can list up to 5 venues and can list as many classes as you like operating in these premises. Studios can add up to 5 instructors from one location. Plus you can offer as many online activities using Zoom.

The main benefit is that you are in control and NearYou provides fitness teachers with a host of marketing tools to help attract customers.

Is the NearYou Platform Free?

The platform is a subscription cloud based service that is accessible anywhere any time. The service includes automatic inclusion of all your activities across the NearYou platform including activity specific websites such as Yoga, Pilates, Dance, Martial Arts Near You, as well as NearYou Mobile apps and the website.

Source: NearYou

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