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How to achieve ever-lasting joy

23rd October 2019

How to achieve ever-lasting joy

Who Am I? 

Mindfulness is crucial in understanding who we are. Mindfulness is the observation of thought, and has many other names including meditation, or resting in the self, or being the silent observer. Mindfulness appears to be growing in strength amongst humans on this planet, who seek to understand who they are, and why there is so much anger, pain, or stress in this world, and if it has to be like this.

At least one person who reads this will have lost someone close to them, or fallen out with someone they deeply cared for and loved. In this life, it seems that suffering is inevitable, and that there is no escape from it. However, some of the greatest thinkers or religious leaders or so called enlightened beings have repeatedly disputed this belief, arguing that our real nature is that of joy, love and truth, as Jesus Christ said "I am the way, I am the life, I am the truth".

Were these prophets or great thinkers of our human history completely mistaken, as to having the knowledge that we are "eternal" beings, who are full of love, and silence, without the chattering of thought, free from all conditioning?

Were the efforts of forty days in the desert, or three years on a mountain, or seven years in the jungle, spent in vain? Was it some sort of crazed madness, that lead to huge followings, and their words being spread across all the nations of the world, amongst all beings of every nationality, religion, culture, colour? 

Were all the disciples or seekers of truth who followed these beings, whether on the sermon on the mount, or in the caves of the far east, or the lecture halls in the top universities of the western world, fooled into trying to find a "truth" that never really existed? 

Is meditating or inquiring into who I am, such a sacrifice to make, in order to discover your "eternal" nature. Could the mind becoming quiescent for one moment, allow you to see that your true nature is far beyond thought and form?

If in one moment, you could see your true nature, as the formless eternal self, full of silence and bliss, free from all conditioning. What a discovery this could be.

Some people may ignore this, and continue chasing after temporary things. But would this be the right thing to do? As the Buddha says, "Why is there laughter, why merriment, when this world is on fire? When you are living in darkness, why don't you look for the light?". 

Within recent times, a fire has been ignited within the hearts of humans all around the world, who are being called to this "truth." People are beginning to meditate, to inquire into who this "I" really is, to practice mindfulness, and bring about peace and love in the world. 

Will you be the one to walk in the light, and discover the truth. Or will you be carried off by illusion that "sweeps away a sleeping village", like a flood in the night.

Will you discover your eternal nature full of joy and bliss, or will you "pine away like old cranes in a lake without fish"?.

Will you overcome the world and mind, or will you "lie in old age, sighing over the past"?.

The choice is yours, and all efforts must be made by you. For great teachers, religious leaders and so called enlightened beings can only show the way. "Know well what leads you forward and what holds you back, and choose the path that leads to wisdom." 

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Image courtesy of marc olivier jodoin

Source: Guru Saul

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