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How to lose weight

1st March 2021

How to lose weight

One of the most asked fitness questions on the internet today is:

How to lose weight?

Many people wish to find out what is the best way to lose weight.

Is it diet, is it exercise, or both?

Fitness is a huge subject for most people nowadays. There are millions of copies of health and fitness magazines out there giving you exercise workout tips, nutrition advice, and telling everyone why fitness is important.

This puts a lot of pressure on humans around the world to think about things like losing weight, how to get a six pack and more.

We are not complete experts on this subject but we feel these issues only require a small amount of common sense.

Exercise burns fat, whether that's in a gym, or a home workout, or on a fitness app like the NearYou App.

Eating food builds fat based on calories. The more calories you eat, naturally the more your body will store as fat (excess energy).

This fat in turn is burnt by exercise. It is a continuous cycle, a very beautiful one in fact.

Now some people genetically may just find it difficult to lose weight or are a bigger build.

Everyone is unique, and its great to be different from the crowd.

There are so many health tips out there, but a great one is just to exercise everyday for at least 30 minutes. You can then change this into a run, or a bike ride, or a swim. But, for at least 30 minutes you should exercise in the day.

It could be on the way to work, or with your kids, or you could search for a studio near me using the classfinder on the NearYou website. This way you can exercise from the comfort of your own home and enjoy physical fitness without having to go too far.

Some people have invested in treadmills or pelotons in their homes, however these can be really expensive.

We recommend a cheaper alternative, which is using the NearYou Platform to choose classes on a pay as you go basis, so that you don't have to pay any membership fees and have ultimate flexibility.

It is great to track how much exercise you are doing, and use a fitness app to track the amount of food you are eating.

The NearYou App keeps track of your favourite classes, and your previous classes so that you know how much fitness you have been doing.

Another great asset is the My Fitness Pal App which keeps a log of your calorie intake, so you can balance the two.

Balance between calorie intake and exercise is really important and will help you tremendously in terms of weight, or weight loss.

It is really simple. Keep an eye on how much you are eating, and keep an eye on how much you are exercising. Keep it simple, and make it fun.

There are many different classes on the NearYou platform to look at, and many are family friendly so everyone can get involved.

The classes are available for all abilities and ages and will be a great way to make exercise more exciting during your week.

All the best, Near You team. 


Source: Saul Auty Near You

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