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How to Make the impossible become the possible.

22nd September 2022

How to Make the impossible become the possible.

For many of us our thoughts set our boundaries, they define us. This seems simple but it is quite profound. We have seen human achievements that were thought to be impossible. However, someone came along and decided it was possible.

A good example of this is the landing on the moon, or we can see it in the UFC with fighters like Charles Oliveria and Islam Machachev who will be fighting at UFC 280. Both fighters have come from absolutely nothing, from tiny villages and ghettos in Brazil, and now are biggest fighters in the world. To many people this would have seemed impossible, but for Charlses and Islam they believed in themselves. They defied the thoughts that told them they could not do it. They chose to do it, and set a new reality.

They changed the sport of the UFC by showing it is not where you come from, or what you have come from, but more about how much do you believe in yourself. 

How much faith do you have? Both of these men believe in God, and have been empowered to the achieve what they have.

They have shaped their reality by transcending negative thoughts. 

In our own experience we can see how our thoughts set boundaries. They tell us when to give up exercising, or when to stop doing a certain task. They label things as boring, or useless, or impossible. 

When believed these thoughts become reality. 

However, when exercising you can have thoughts like I cannot run any further, and then after this you continue running for another 30 minutes. This is an example of overcoming the boundaries that thoughts can set.

The thought says you cannot run any further, but you do. Which is more true, you or the thought? There are countless examples of this. I am too tired to stay up but you push through and feel fine.

Or its too early to wake up, but you wake up and feel fine. Our thoughts can make things much harder than they actually are, but only if you believe them and their negative effects. When you ignore those thoughts and push through it becomes easy. 

Our thoughts shape the reality that we see. 

Once you have seen this, everything will be possible for you because your mind will not get in the way. The power is to see thoughts and not identify. When you do not identify with thoughts like “this is impossible” then you are no longer limited. You have transcended. What was once impossible becomes possible. Many humans have shown this to us time and time again. 

Our thoughts are like tests, we are being asked in every moment what reality do we want?

What outcome will you choose limitation or infinite potential? These little choices everyday are highly significant in the long run. This is because you can turn every situation into a blessing or you can turn into a nightmare. Figuratively speaking this could be the “hell” Christ speaks of. Believing in thoughts like “I am not good enough”, “I am too weak”, “this is impossible” is hell. The heaven is “everything is possible”, “I can achieve anything”, “I am worthy”. 

When we listen to athletes interviews or people who have done the impossible, they have all overcome thoughts of failure. 

They defied them. They saw them and ignored them and continued doing what they are doing. That is how Charles Oliveria become UFC champion. He was told he would amount to nothing coming from the favela's and he is now UFC world champion. The people who landed on the moon defied what humans once thought was possible.

Leon Edwards has done it too and we covered this in our recent blog. These obstacles had not been overcome before, yet they achieved it. Imagine how much they would have had to overcome in terms of negative thoughts like “this won't work out”, “this is impossible”. Yet, they overcame this, and did what seemed impossible. Everyone is capable of this, because everyone can overcome thoughts.

Recently winning a UFC World Championship he trumped over the thought of failure "Look at me Now" he shouted as he was crowned world champion.

"Look at me Now"

We have the choice to listen to the voice in our heads that says we are limited and not good enough, or the voice that says everything is possible. 

This is a choice we all have to make. We choose our reality. You can shape everything in your life. This is how everything is possible. You have infinite potential. Do not let thoughts define your life. Thoughts like “I am not good enough”, “I am not worthy” are not good when believed in. It is okay and natural for them to come up in your mind, but do not believe them or engage with them. This way you transcend them and they no longer define you. Do not let thoughts define you.

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Source: Saul writing

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