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Israel Adesanya versus Jan Blachowicz mega fight

4th March 2021

Israel Adesanya versus Jan Blachowicz mega fight

Israel Adesanya will be facing Jan Blachowicz  this weekend. It is set to be a great fight with both fighters putting a light heavyweight championship belt on the line. 

Both fighters are going to be challenged, and have a tough fight. Israel is going up a weight class, whilst Jan is remaining in his and defending his title. 

Israel is looking to show his technical fighting style to the UFC fans, and display a true show of martial arts. A battle between technical sensei style with Israel and raw power in Jan Blachowicz 

Jan Blachowicz  is known for his polish power and he has demonstrated this in his fight against Reyes. His knockout power is second to none, so Israel will need to be extremely careful in this fight. He will have to give an excellent display of his talent, and evasive counter punching skills. 

Israel Adesanya is looking for a real challenge. He has cleaned out the middleweight division and now is looking to take on a new division. This new division provides an opportunity to get a new championship belt which will be added to his middleweight belt. 

His pound for pound ranking in the UFC will go up dramatically. His ratings as a fighter will go through the roof if he has the ability to get the job done. It could also lead to one of the biggest UFC fights in history Jon Jones versus Adesanya. 

Jon Jones could potentially return to face him to see who is the best pound for pound fighter of all time. 

Israel could become one of the greatest fighters in the UFC. This fight is groundbreaking, and is one of the biggest fights in UFC history in a long time for that very reason. 

It will be a huge pay per view sell out, and will feature on BT at 12am. The main card is at 3am, and features Amanda Nunes, Sterling, Petr Yan, Islam Machachev. Some of the best fighters in the UFC division who already hold championship belts. 

Will Israel be able to conquer like he did in the middleweight division? Or will Jan’s polish power knock out the stylebender? We will have to find out on Saturday night. 


Source: Saul Auty (Near You)

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