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Jeffrey Daniel dance legend hosts a Dance Junior Master Class in London

5th November 2019

Jeffrey Daniel dance legend hosts a Dance Junior Master Class in London

Jeffrey Daniel Dance Junior Master Class

Learn from the best join Jeffrey Daniels junior master class at the Westminster School of performing Arts on the 17thNovember at the St Andrews Club, London.

Jeffery is a pop legend. He rose to fame with the 80s band Shalamar reaching further as a choreographer and dancer.

Shalamar was a huge success featuring dance routines in their live performances. “I’d been doing the backslide since 1978, on Soul Train, so I didn’t expect it to have the impact it did.”

Michael Jackson was fascinated by the backslide, as was everyone, because it’s not so much a dance step as an illusion, and people couldn’t figure out how it was done. They thought I had wheels on my shoes or a rope was pulling me across the floor. He got in touch and wanted me to show him how to do it.

The backslide featured in the Michael Jackson hit video Smooth Criminal and the Moon Walk a signature dance for Michael Jackson.

Learn from pop legend Jeffrey Daniel

Heres your chance to learn from one of the most successful people in the pop and dance world. Creator of the smooth Criminal lean, Moonwalk teacher, street dance pioneer and choreographer.

Just to put Jeffery Daniel in perspective Shalamar have sold 25 million records.

If your looking to learn from the BEST pop choreographers on the planet then book your place at this

Junior Master Class 17th November 12-1.30pm

Senior Master Class 1.30-3pm

Its only £21.20 on the 17th November limited place … tickets going fast book now.

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