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Keeping fit is one of the best ways of protection yourself against the virus

13th March 2020

Keeping fit is one of the best ways of protection yourself against the virus

Now more than ever keeping fit and healthy is even more important. Sport England's current advice is that staying active is an important part of good health and protecting against the virus.

Why should keep exercising during the crisis

Dr Steve Mowle told Sky News said that “keeping healthy and looking after yourself will help your immune system. Trying to stay as healthy as you can, keep exercising, keep moving. This will help your immune system cope with the virus".

How can I keep healthy during the crisis?

1) Use Platforms like NearYou. The benefits of using NearYou is the class sizes tend to be small, with thousands of small group, and one to one activities available, run by the best instructors.

2) Only book activities on NearYou. Take advantage of flexible booking options, where you can book a class on a week by week basis, no contracts. This not only helps you keep fit, it means you don't pay for classes that you can't attend.

3) Choose professional experienced instructors. Use NearYou has a host of 5 star teachers who will help you keep fit.

4) Take your own mats, if you are attending mat classes. Make sure they are cleaned after every class and follow the NHS guidelines on cleanliness. 

5) Exercise at home if you are self-isolating according to behavioural psychologist Jo Hemmings. You can book home visit if required for one on one session.

6) If you booked through NearYou and are feeling unwell you can request a re-schedule to a later date. Just use the messaging system to make a request.

Should I avoid big gyms during the crisis?

1. Avoid Big box gyms. Gyms have been identified as "high risk" locations for catching coronavirus due to sweat and dampness which heightens the spread of germs. According to physician and journalist Dr Norman Swan. 

2. Be extra vigilant in any area where they're may be lots of people close together, sharing exercise equipment.

3. Avoid humid areas such steam rooms, gym showers, changing rooms. Dr Swan noted that gyms were among the "high prevalence areas" from some of the Chinese data on coronavirus.

4. Take your own clean wipes, Immunologist Dr Jenna Macciochi on Sky News said “be extra vigilant where lots of people are close together and sharing equipment such as gyms as this may increase transmission of infection.

5. Consider cancelling or asking if you can freeze your big box gym membership payments, if you are self-isolating or have contracted the virus and are unable to attend.

The best way to exercise during the crisis Near Me

Clearly keeping fit and healthy is essential. Go to small group classes available on NearYou. Avoid big box gyms that have large groups of people working out in humid or sweaty conditions.

In the current it is advisable to not to commit to long term gym contracts that you may find difficult to cancel, even if you have contracted or have to self-isolate.

Note: Public Health England at the time of writing have not yet offered advice to gym-goers, however medical experts are voicing their concerns over the potential hazard of sharing workout spaces and equipment as the coronavirus outbreak escalates.

Beware some gyms, and gym membership platforms may have to close down, at this stage you should consider freezing your gym membership until the situation becomes clearer. You can always re-join at a later date.

IMPORTANT: NearYou is a Pay as you go service, we do NOT charge membership fees... EVER. Only book through NearYou, website and mobile apps.

Source: NearYou

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