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2nd September 2022

Learn faster join a fitness class NearYou

During the Covid lockdowns the public turned to to online video classes as away of keeping fit both mentally and physically. This proved to be a great way to keep fit.

YouTube and online companies such as FIIT saw a huge rise in demand for online fitness videos. Many of these fitness videos were free to view some were very good and others not so good.

None the less they filled a gap left by the closure of Gyms, fitness centres, and studio classes across the world. During Covid Instagram featured a range of personalities who jumped on the fitness bandwagon and zoomed to over night fame.

Zooms business rocketed with many instructors, studio's, and gyms opening accounts to teach online. On-demand classes were plentiful and initially very popular, many started as free classes but soon switched to paid for services.

Demand slowed and by the end of 2020 popularity flagged by the end of 2021 as interest in online classes noticeably wained. 

Now normality business has resumed we are seeing demand for online fitness videos, certain health and fitness apps decline significantly.

Notably Mediation apps such as Clam and headspace have seen in-app user engagement drop significantly in 2022. See our blog on Calm meditation App.

Meanwhile fitness apps such as NearYou and gym apps that give consumers access to in-person classes and activities have seen increases in downloads and engagement. NearYou has seen booking for in-person fitness bookings grow by 35% in the first 6 months of 2022.

Switch to in-person fitness classes

The change in how consumers participate in fitness in 2022 is dramatic. Its clear that a numbers of factors are influencing the change.

  • People are returning to full-time work.
  • Many employees are returning to a physical work place.
  • Increasing desire to go out and socialise.
  • Desire for interaction and participation in group classes.

Consumers are moving back to in-person classes, and away from screen viewing online classes. We can see this in instructors on NearYou who are reducing the number if online zoom classes they offer and increasing the number of in-person classes.

What are the benefits of in-person fitness classes?

The social interaction of in-person classes beats online and thats a value that people are prepared to pay for and engage in. Whilst online classes is a great medium it lacks the social interaction that people crave now lockdown is over.

In physical classes attendees receive feedback from teachers and instructors. This feedback is designed to improve people's behaviour and allow them to improve their fitness, mental attitude, whilst allowing them to reflect on themselves and grow as a human being.

Theres more to attending a fitness class than stretching muscles

Society needs social interaction that's how it grows and evolves, keeping physically fit is important keeping mentally fit is just as important.

During lockdown people, developed bad habits, over eating, they drank and consumed more alcohol, exercised less, and many put on weight, others experienced depression and loneliness. It was a big issue for young and senior age groups living on their own.

The opening up of in-person classes is playing an important part in addressing many of these issues.

People who attend in-person classes get the best of both worlds. No matter how good the tech the pure online world cannot replace the social aspect of fitness training and the lockdowns in a strange way confirmed this.

The metaverse is no substitute for real world body fitness.

The in-person classes are designed to encourage people to stretch, bend, move, its an interactive thing. Good teachers will coach and criticise.

In the real world criticism is important because, it keeps us aware of the right and wrong ways to do things. We learn from criticism, its a positive not a negative.

Under the watchful eyes of a trained instructor, students get the help and guidance, and critical assessment that they will rarely learn from watching a fitness video.

The best instructors (like the ones on NearYou) are in it for the long term that's why there practices have bounced back post covid. They see their roll as developing students, improving their fitness, flexibility, strength, and keeping them on the right track with encouragement and positive criticism.

Lockdown unleashed a world of online fitness, teachers with little to no experience took to zoom and Youtube, Facebook live and there was little distinguish the good from the bad teachers.

Thats why NearYou did so well under lockdown it helped the best fitness teachers and instructors transfer their in-person skills online.

The platform helped promote their businesses online, earn revenue, and give the public to access the best qualified teachers and when lock down ended it provided the foundation to restart their in-person classes.

Where to find the best fitness instructors?

Theres tons of online classes but the best classes are in-person classes, join a group class and if you can afford it and need that bit extra try a one on one class.

Find the best UK Yoga, Pilates, Dance, Martial Arts, Fitness classes on NearYou.

Source: Saul Writing

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