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Leon Edwards British UFC fighter SHOCKED THE WORLD to become the second British UFC Champion ever!

15th September 2022

Leon Edwards British UFC fighter SHOCKED THE WORLD to become the second British UFC Champion ever!

Leon Edwards British UFC fighter SHOCKED THE WORLD to become the second British UFC Champion ever on Sunday morning.

Despite the odds, Leon delivered a knockout kick to Kamara in the final round to clinch the UFC world welterweight championship at UFC 278 on Saturday night in Salt Lake City.

Leon Edwards has been constantly being overlooked and ignored by the UFC, media and fans. This was his opportunity to win the championship and prove everyone wrong. The fight will take place at the Vivnit Arena in Salt Lake City.

“They all doubted me, they all said I couldn’t do it - look at me now!” Edwards roared in his post-fight interview in the cage.

"Look at me now... Look at me now"

Persistence and determination to win was evident in the final round. It looked a forgone conclusion that he would loose the fight.

The knockout kick sealed the fate of Kamara the odds op favourite.

With the title belt held high he shouted "Look at me now".

From a wooden hut in Jamaica he's proved them all wrong. Well done Leon from the NearYou team.

The British team in Birmingham UK screamed and danced as he held the belt high for the UFC278 world to see.

"Look at me now"

Tough background

Leon Edwards was born in Jamaica, and when he was just a boy he was brought over to Birmingham by his family. His father was involved in organised crime and was effectively a gangstar. This brought Leon into a lot of trouble from an early age. Leon's father was murdered when he was 13 years old. The life of crime caught up to him, and also to his family. Leon's mum had to raise him as a single mother. This was extremely challenging for her, because of the violence Leon's father passed down to him. He was always getting into trouble, getting caught with knives, ending up in violent fights. He was most likely on the path to ended up in prison or getting killed.

Edwards natural talent

Leon was walking with his mother one day and they saw a MMA gym being built. Leon and his Mum both saw it as a good opportunity for him, especially his mother who thought it might get him off the streets and out of trouble. Leon decided to give it a go and fell in love with the sport. When he watched the UFC and realised he could make a career out of it, he put more effort into the sport and completely dedicated himself. His coach could tell Leon was different. He was a natural, and picked up the wrestling and striking quickly because of his talent. Leon soon became a formidable fighter and after a few years eventually got given a contract from the UFC.

Tough challenge for Leon Edwards

Leon moved up the ranks and ended up facing undefeated Kamara Usman. It was a very close fight that ended up going to points which was a huge achievement for Leon seeing as Usman had finished every other fighter before him. Usman is a powerful fighter from Nigeria who trained in the USA, and has natural power and phenomenal strength. This could have been Usman's first loss, but he managed to use his wrestling to win the fight. Since then Leon has been working on his wrestling, so this should not be an area where he could lose in this upcoming fight. Leon's striking is also now one of the best in the division. Since they last fought Usman has been focusing on his striking. After knee injuries, Usman has stopped using wrestling as much but has focused on devastating striking technique and power. This makes it an extremely interesting fight because both fighters have improved their weakness from their last fight. This could be a very close fight and one of the toughest challenges Leon and Usman have faced. 

Stay humble, stay strong

Leon's story is one of the taking the right path and using the challenges in life to make yourself stronger and more powerful. He has always remained humble and is one of the best and technically gifted fighters in the UFC. He never pretended to be someone else to get higher up in the organisation like other fighters. This has meant that for years he has not been given the recognition he deserves, but he never complained. He just kept on going, which is similar to his early years. Moving to a new country, having a father who is involved in criminal organisations, but he moved past that and found MMA. Now he is contending for the Welterweight world title belt.

 An inspirational story of persistence and dedication

This is a story for everyone, a story that we can all relate too. Everyone in life has faced challenges and this is a great example of someone who stayed true to themselves, kept their integrity, and inspired millions. Leon could have made the wrong decision, he could have sold out, he could have become a criminal, but each time he said no and stayed to true to himself. I have been greatly inspired by Leon due to his strength of character, persistence, and his ability to overcome any obstacle. I will be supporting him this weekend. If you want to find out more about him BT sport have released a documentary which talks about Leon Edwards journey , and his championship fight this weekend.

“I’m from the trenches, I’m built like this, I battle until the battle is done. I’ve been down my whole life, and look at me now!”

It is definitely worth a watch

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Source: Saul writing

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