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Marketing for fitness instructors made easy

4th August 2021

Marketing for fitness instructors made easy

Every year in the USA and UK thousands of people every year pack in their day jobs and retrain to become fitness instructors. Many want a life style change an opportunity to run their own business, pursue a career doing something you enjoy and freedom to work where and when you want, and earn a good living.

The lockdown has had a huge impact on the fitness industry. Gyms, large and small have closed, customers have gone online and found new ways of keeping fit. Some instructors have struggled financially and lost their loyal clients because they failed to adapt and change with the times. 

Others have prospered and found new ways to grow their business. Here we answer some question that can help you build and run your own fitness business in the new fitness era on the NearYou platform.

You can live the dream, in this blog we look at simple effective ways to start your fitness business on the NearYou platform.

Starting your business can be daunting if you are used to a regular salary. For many it is a leap in the dark. Equally it requires investment in time, money, and courage. One thing is clear it requires perseverance. The ability to keep going and keep focused.

NearYou not only provides fitness instructors with an easy to use fitness business platform it helps with advice and "know how" to help attract clients and generate a good income.

Can you earn good money as an independent fitness instructor on NearYou?

The simple answer is yes. Instructors on NearYou can earn over £100,000 a year. How much you earn is down to you. NearYou is designed to help fitness professionals run your own business online. So you decide how much revenue you want to earn.

Is the NearYou platform a good fitness marketing platform for independent instructors?

The NearYou platform is a marketing platform that gives fitness instructors an "all in one" easy to manage marketing and booking service specifically designed for independent fitness instructors and small studios who want to market and run their own business easily.

It's affordable, reliable, and effective. 

Does near you attract new students near me?

The NearYou platform reaches people searching for fitness activities near where they live or work. It is designed as a local fitness search engine. Unlike other search engines NearYou specialises in fitness classes and activities. 

A unique LOCAL fitness search engine that gives customers the ability to search for classes and activities on a day and time to suit them and reserve online.

It's a cost effective, marketing tool. 

Can I advertise online zoom classes on NearYou?

Pre-Covid the demand for online fitness class was low. Covid played its part by making in-person classes impossible. NearYou stepped up to the plate and introduced online class service that is easy to mange so that instructors can take bookings for zoom classes in advance. Its automated so that instructor can simply add their zoom links and the system does the rest.

Its an easy way to reach a global fitness market.

Can I sell online videos (VOD)?

Video on demand is a way to generate extra income for independent instructors. The NearYou video service is integrated into the platform. Just create a video series, and upload your videos and start reaching a global audience.

Video on demand 24/7 same HD quality as Amazon or Netflix.

Can I promote local outdoor events?

Simple answer is yes. Just create an event, pin point the location and start taking bookings for events on a beach, mountain, anywhere in the world. No need for a postcode or zip-code!

The simple way to get outdoor events online.

Is NearYou a booking system?

NearYou is an integrated platform that combines marketing reach with a booking service. The service takes payments via Stripe and pays directly into your bank account. It is designed to help instructors to take reservations 24/7 and make customer management extremely easy.

A frictionless class and activity booking service.

Does NearYou generate bookings and revenue?

Unlike other platforms NearYou is a marketing system that generates bookings and revenue. It negates the need for developing a website, paying for developers, designers, SEO, additional booking plugin services, which are expensive and do not guarantee page one positions on search engines.

It's an ALL IN ONE cost effective service.

Expose your classes to people looking to book.

The focus is on making it easy for customers to find local classes and activities and book. The platform gives instructors the ability to describe an activity, upload images, and videos, making it easy for customers to choose a class and then book. 

Saves valuable time by making customer buying decisions easy at the point of search.

Built in messaging and recommendation Service

The aim of the NearYou platform is to reduce the time wasted on dealing with enquiries. The messaging system is linked into the booking service. Recommending a class is a breeze just use the built in recommendation tool.

No need to fire off multiple emails with links the service does all that for you. Choose an activity and send a reformatted buy now link.

Is NearYou Reputable?

The platform has one numerous Feefo Awards Platinum Awards for Customer Service, website design, and National UK Award for E-commerce in the Fitness and Leisure market, and UK SME Awards. See reviews.

Customers buy with confidence.

Try a 30 day NearYou free trial and see for yourself.

If you are staring your own fitness business or starting over again. NearYou will be the best decision you make. It is tried tested, effective, and gives you the tool to run your own successful business.

Successful fitness businesses start here : join today.

Source: NearYou

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