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NearYou Adds Klarna the “buy now, pay later service" that has proving popular with online shoppers.

18th October 2021

NearYou Adds Klarna the “buy now, pay later service" that has proving popular with online shoppers.

NearYou now offers Klarna a new additional digital payment option pitched at people who “Are looking for flexible fitness bookings and payment options”. 

It is an option for people looking to book a ClassPass, Course or Event in advance that has a high ticket price. Events and course organisers are still restricting numbers, it means that customers can pay for a booking now to reserve a place in the future.

You can use Klarna to split purchases and bookings into interest free payments, subject to Klarna's terms and conditions.

The service provides a interest free period which can vary from 30 days to 3 months. Look for the Klarna logo at the checkout. A minimum value for Pilates, Yoga, Dance, and Martial Arts training courses applies. Look for the Klarna logo at the checkout.

Klarna charges no interest, fees* or late charges. Approval depends on a soft credit check (this doesn’t show on your credit report when other lenders run checks), a customer’s credit history, age and other factors.

*A NearYou service fee apply on all bookings and is non-refundable.

Klarna is fully integrated in the NearYou platform making it easy, safe to use, and you are covered by Klarna's Buyer Protection policy.

Klarna for fitness Studio, Clubs and instructors

NearYou offers Klarna as part of the book online reservation service. The aim is to offer customers a range of payment and card options to fit their lifestyle and circumstances.

Find out more about running your fitness business on NearYou here.

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