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NearYou Shero 2021

5th March 2021

NearYou Shero 2021

Celebrating outstanding women running their own fitness businesses. 

#ChooseToChallenge #IWD 2021 #NearYouBest

Today we can all choose to celebrate aspirational women running their own fitness business on the NearYou platform. Despite everything that the COVID19 and lockdowns threw at them, they continued to run online fitness classes, supporting wellbeing, helping to keep clients keep fit and health.

NearYou nominated the following women who faced up to the challenge, changed how their business operated, adapting to a whole new way of delivering digital activities online.

Nominations are based on the following criteria 

  • Successfully adapting to the new digital technologies
  • Delivering the best online experiences
  • Receiving 5 star feedback from customers
  • Innovation
  • Customer retention

These are the NearYou Sheros 2021.

Hundreds of women on NearYou have worked under difficult conditions, running family and business as the COVID19 struck. Despite huge pressure instructors on NearYou have adapted and faced up to the challenge. 

These are just a few of the awesome Sheros on NearYou!

Ris Widdacombe PilatesNow

"Brilliant classes"

“Through my classes with Ris and team, Pilates has become a fundamental part of my life. I love my lessons and the impact they have had on how my body works. Would recommend to anyone Ris’s classes are fantastic - at first I was sceptical when we had to move online, but in fact these classes are brilliant. The personal focus is fantastic and she really works with you to find out what you want (and need) to achieve. After several weeks of online classes, although I can’t wait to get back in the studio, I am stronger and more mobile than ever. On to top of that, Ris is a joy to spend an hour with, and there’s a lot of laughter in amongst the hard work!”

Cherly Edwards Zenzone


“Cheryl is a fabulous yogi and shares a beautiful energising practise with us weekly. Cheryls class was beautiful and energising as always. Missed practising with everyone.”

Angela Armitage Total Pilates

"Highly recommend"


“Angela’s classes are always different to keep you interested and motivated. She caters for all levels by giving options to make a position easier or more challenging. Angela gives very clear instructions all through the class so you can concentrate on your own moves without needing to watch her all the time. I would highly recommend any of her classes.”

Emily Pollington The Pilates Element

"I never want to stop"

“After retirement, I decided I needed to fill my time. Exercise was never a priority for me until I retired and now five years on, I never want to stop. This is thanks to Emily Pollington who is a great teacher, she puts together brilliant classes the benefit of which is unbelievable as I have more energy and flexibility now that I have ever had before. I now consider Emily a close friend and everybody who is in our group which has basically remained the same over my last 5 years of classes. Long may it continue, thank you Emily!”

Jill Thornton Body Control

"Brilliant teacher"

“Jill is a brilliant teacher of Pilates - Body In Control Pilates. Jill is very good at explaining how things should feel so I don’t feel I am missing out on being at a life class. I have been to other local Pilates classes and Jill is definitely the best. Jill is a very experienced Pilates teacher and I very much enjoy her classes as there is plenty of variety and trying new things, the classes are never boring and work well for people of all levels.”

Michelle Stein Yoga with Michele

"Worth Every Penny"

“The yoga classes are worth every penny because of the high standard and quality of the yoga classes with my yoga teacher. The classes are very positive and motivating, combining the physical aspect with the emotional, psychological and spiritual whilst maintaining the philosophy of yoga.”

Sara Pugh Pilates with Sara Pugh