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New fitness shop Near You for fitness mats and accessories

17th January 2022

New fitness shop Near You for fitness mats and accessories

Fitness accessories for in-person and at home classes. Selected range of fitness, mats, wearables, bolsters, Pilates bands, weights, hydration bottles, are now available on the Near You websites.

The new sports and fitness shop is designed to help customers access fitness equipment and get quick delivery via Amazon. Depending on the product and your prime membership you can get next day delivery.

The sports and fitness shop is designed to help customers get start their fitness classes, quickly and easily with a minimum of fuss. You don't need to buy expensive brands like Nike, Reebok, adidas or Lululemon. Unless of course you are a fashionista.

Shop for fitness mats Near You choose from a selected range of fitness products to suit your budget. 

Shop wearable technology on NearYou

Bump up your fitness level, find the smartwatch or tracker for your needs. Wearables are very popular, dependent on the model they can track your fitness progress, heart rate, steps, and calorie burn.

Shop Yoga and Pilates Mats 

Owning your own fitness mat is important for hygiene. Mats come in different thicknesses between 5 and 8 mm thick to help protect your joints. Textured mats give you more grip. Keep fit keep healthy buy your own mat.

Shop Hydration bottles

Keeping hydrated is important during exercise. With many faculties running under COVID rules advise take your own water. Choose from a selection of hydration bottles.

Shop fitness Leggings and Tights

Workout leggings help you flex during fitness class exercises. Ideal for Pilates, Yoga, Fitness, and gym workouts. Leggings help you keep warm during and after workouts. They are easy to wash and dry quickly.

Shop Exercise Weights

Some fitness workouts may require the use of small weights. These help tone muscles and are part of the exercise class. Purchase exercise weight in advance on NearYou platform.

Get the fitness kit before you attend class here

Fitness trainers and instructors don't supply mats, hydration bottles, or clothing. For home online classes you will need to buy your own mat and equipment. It is advisable to buy your own in advance. Shop here.

All orders are fulfilled by Amazon, the offer a fast reliable delivery service. Best to buy the fitness equipment you will need prior to attending a class or activity.

Shop essential fitness clothing and accessories here.

Source: NearYou

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