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New website, keep sleek and fit with 100's of daily Online fitness classes.

3rd June 2020

New website, keep sleek and fit with 100's of daily Online fitness classes. website get an all new look designed to make it easier for customers to find and book online fitness classes. Everything from Yoga, Pilates, Dance, Martial arts, Mindfulness, Meditation, Nutrition, online classes for all levels, ages and fitness. mindfulness, meditation, nutrition zoom classes for all, on a day, and time to suit you.

Moving with the flight to Zoom Classes

To accommodate 100's of daily zoom classes the new website is designed to improve the visitor experience, making it easier for to find activities, book zoom classes, workshops, events online.

The website features videos, allowing visitors to view and buy videos series. Offering the same high qulaity viewing as you have come tom expect on Amazon, and Netflix.

What has changed on NearYou website?

We have introduced dark mode already a popular feature of apps such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Google. Dark mode is a colour scheme highlighting activity information, videos, star ratings... as well as making action buttons stand out.

What has happened on the NearYou home page?

Completely redesigned home page offering quick access to 100's of up and coming daily classes, events, ClassPasses, giving prominence to all the digital services available on the website.. 

Designed to offer quick and easy access to all the key online activities. 

Emphasis is on the best digital classes however it retains the location location search for visitors interested in connecting with local instructors & studios offering zoom classes.

How has the search for online classes changed?

To accommodate the 100's of the best online classes available daily the Class search has been overhauled, visitors can now search for Zoom classes available today, or by date.

New activity filters have been added now more prominent, easier to use and faster. Additional filters have been added to allowing visitors to look for classes by type, for example Pilates or Yoga mat classes and choose a level for example “Pilates Mat class for beginners”.

Faster Searches, the data-feeds have been upgraded to deliver results even quicker.

Online ClassPass gets a boost

Demand for online Class Passes has rocketed over the last month. So class passes get their own search page where customers can choose from a growing variety of online class passes ranging from 7 days to 2 months. These passes don't require any membership fees they are all Pay As You Go passes. Making them very affordable and of course flexible because customers are not tied down to any one activity.

This means customers can buy a pass with the best instructor for a specific activity. Find an online class pass near me.

Videos appear for the first time

Demand for pre-recorded video series fitness box sets has jumped. Instructors are now offering recorded versions of their zoom classes and making custom video box sets for customers to enjoy at their leisure. Video Series Search, now visitors can view videos series available to purchase.

Find online video fitness box sets and series.

Events, workshops and courses make an appearance

This we believe will be a growth area as people become more familiar with using zoom. These are usually interactive Zoom or YouTube which involve multiple instructors, hosting the sessions during the course of the event. using other iterative tools such as video and power point presentation.

This we believe is a growth area over the future months.

WhatsApp share button appears on mobile devices.

To help share content, classes, activities mobile users can now share and invite friends to join classes. (Only works on mobile phones).

ApplePay and Google Pay, one click purchase on NearYou website.

One click payments is now available on the website, available to customers with activated accounts.

Just click to buy and confirm on your phone.

New NearYou Customer area

Includes personalised home pages, activities, online classes and videos. Quick access to bookings and class passes.

Looking for the Best Online classes?

Try the all new NearYou website where you can find 100's of daily zoom classes and activities. More are being added everyday. Open an account and get a personalised experience.

Check out today's classes on NearYou find the best online classes Near Me.

Source: NearYou

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