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Online classes for over 60's, over 70s in lockdown

14th May 2020

Online classes for over 60's, over 70s in lockdown

One of the worst effected groups during the COVID-19 pandemic are older age groups. Older age groups are according to medical more at risk and have higher mortality rates. With over 70's restricted to their homes for months on end.

Stay safe stay at home campaigns such as #healthyathome means that millions of pensioners are isolated in their own homes in the UK and USA. With over 70's restricted to their homes for months on end.

This helps protect them against infection, but the side effects are considerable.

Isolation, lack of contact with the outside world, lack of exercise, and mental stimulation will be of concern for many families who have older members.

The best way for older people to beat the lockdown is to join online fitness classes.

What are the best online fitness classes for seniors?

The best online classes for over 70's, are gentle, relaxing style activities, such as yoga and pilates exercises. Exercises that keep muscles and posture inline. They often include breathing exercise to clear the mind.

Online interactive ZOOM classes for the over 60's are the best for this age group, one to ones, or small groups where the yoga teacher or Pilates instructor can monitor and coach members online during an class.

What are the best online classes for mental health?

Mental health is something that is rarely addresses during the COVID-19 crisis, because the older generation are locked away, however the impact is likely to be significant. Loneliness amongst this section of the population is very high, leading to depression, and anxiety.

Joining an interactive online class for over 60's and over 70's is a way of meeting other people in the same age group in a relaxed environment. Yoga and Pilates classes are good because yoga teachers and Pilates instructors work hard to build an online communities with students. This can help reduce loneness, and anxiety. In online classes people can interact, and can talk too, and find support.

How can over 60's work to a fitness schedule?

Having a regular weekly or even daily online class can improve spirits for seniors, where time passes slowly, and one day blends into another. This can lead to anxiety and even stress. By attending regular online classes every week, or even daily, this gives seniors a structure to their lives and something to look forward to.

Services like NearYou look after older clients by sending out reminders, about classes on the day making it easy for them to access to zoom yoga classes and pilates zoom classes.

Can seniors easily access the online yoga and Pilates teachers?

Despite their age, seniors are getting very clued up on using all kinds on devices. Fact is, they have time on their hands, some find it challenging but many find it liberating. Adoption of mobile phones and tablets is rife amongst older generations. The impact of COVID-19 has stimulated older generations into getting connected.

As one customer said “Yes I would recommend anyone ....who is fairly new to online booking and classes. I found it pretty easy. I’m in my eighties ?” Margo Preston, NearYou customer.

If 80 year olds can book and attend online classes then anyone can.

Family members can help older relatives by helping them buy the new devices to access the internet. In a connected world the internet gives seniors more choice and easy access to online classes on

The best online classes for Seniors

NearYou is a an award winning activity finder. The platform won a Feefo Platinum Trusted Service Award in Feb 2020, and Gold Awards 3 years on the trot.

Its mean feature is that it experienced yoga teachers and Pilates instructors are active on the NearYou platform eager to help older citizens locked in at home. These are professionals who provide high quality online classes for all generations. Some specialise in classes for the over 50's, 60's and 70's.

Search for an online Yoga Class or Pilates Class, or even try a Dance class for more mobile senior citizens.

Source: NearYou online classes

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