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Online Pregnancy classes for pregnant women

21st May 2020

Online Pregnancy classes for pregnant women

One group that is rarely if ever talked about in the media is vulnerable groups such as pregnant women. Government currently advises all pregnant women to avoid unnecessary contact with people and going out of the house, except in special circumstances.

Pregnant women in the third trimester should be particularly asocial distance and minimise contact with others. Self-isolating involves staying at home and only going outside for exercise, avoiding contact with others.

Public Health England has updated its guidance which includes clinically vulnerable people including pregnant women. Get the guidance here Updated 11/05/2020.

Early research based on 427 pregnant women admitted to hospitals in the UK with Covid-19 found most were more than six months pregnant, stressing the importance of social distancing in the third trimester.

How Pregnant can women can keep fit and healthy during COVID-19 lockdown?

The general rule is to avoid contact with other people. The best way for pregnant women to keep health is to join an online Pilates or Yoga class. Its proving to be one of the few ways for woman to keep flexible, fit and healthy during the lock down.

Why online pregnancy classes help pregnant women?

Online classes break down the isolation of being at home, connects with other pregnant women, swop shared experience and make friends. Antenatal online classes on NearYou are interactive using Zoom. These are usually small online groups where the Yoga or Pilates teacher can monitor and coach members during the class.

Benefits of Online Zoom Pregnancy Classes

1) Carrying a baby without the usual help can lead to to depression, and anxiety. In an online class people can interact, talk, and get support.

2) Maintain flexibility, and helps build core strength vital for child birth.

3) Classes include breathing exercises to help reduce stress, and prepare for delivery.

4) Yoga and Pilates exercises are designed to relax your body. Creating a sense of calm.

Maintain a fitness schedule

By attending regular online pregnancy classes every week, or even daily, gives pregnant woman a structure... something to look forward to during the week.

Where can you find the best pregnancy classes online?

NearYou is a an award winning activity finder. The platform won a Feefo Platinum Trusted Service Award in Feb 2020, and Gold Awards 3 years on the trot.

Its main feature is that it gives pregnant women access the BEST and most experienced pregnancy yoga teachers and Pilates instructors in the UK and USA, eager to help forthcoming mothers to be who are currently locked in at home.

Search for online pregnancy classes, post natal, antenatal classes HERE.

Source: NearYou

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