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Say hello to the future login with Apple ID Login.

9th October 2020

Say hello to the future login with Apple ID Login.

NearYou voted "Best Health and Beauty E-Commerce Platform 2020" UK National Awards adds Apple ID login.

The NearYou platform updates this week, now allows customers to login to NearYou iPhone App and website using an Apple ID.

It's now even easier for customers to login, book online, on any Apple device, iPhone, iPad or Mac computer and buy using their Apple ID.

No need for customers to remember their email or passwords!

Login or create a NearYou account here.

Download the iPhone or iPad App here.

Can't remember your login password?

No problem just look for the Apple logo on the login screen and use your Apple ID. Works on any Apple device.

Why have we implemented login with Apple ID?

1) It's good for customers because it means that they don't need to remember their email address or passwords for NearYou.

2) Our experience is that customers may use 3 or more email addresses and use different passwords for different sites or mobile apps. Not surprisingly customers can easily forget which email they used to login. This implementation makes booking a fitness class even easier on NearYou.

3) Improved privacy for customers using Apple devices. We only collect the minimum amount of personal information necessary for fulfilling online fitness class reservations.

4) Feedback from customers are becoming more reluctant to sign in with sign in with Facebook and Google, because of the amount of personal data they collect and how they use the data.

NearYou voted "Best Health and Beauty E-Commerce Platform 2020" UK National Awards.

Innovation and focus on the customer journey is one of the reasons why we won the E-commerce award. It's not just about performance its also about trust.

We believe that Apple users will appreciate this new facility. They can continue to use key chain, their usual credentials to login, or continue to use Facebook and Google.

NearYou making it easier to stay fit under lockdown.

Instructors and Studios list your classes, activities, and video's

We are looking for the best Pilates, teachers, and instructors to help the public stay fit and healthy under lockdown.

Professionals who can impart their knowledge, and understand and respect customers privacy.

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Source: NearYou

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