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Start 2021 with the New Soul Kit

31st December 2020

Start 2021 with the New Soul Kit

We are releasing a new 2021 Soul Kit with New Earth Visionaries and we are pretty excited about it. New Earth Visionaries have gathered the most delicious teachings and offer them to you to expand your Soul in ways you’ve never imagined, in health, business, love-life, relationships, and finance.

In this Soul Kit you will be offered the opportunity to work with 25 different light workers, New Earth Business Coaches, Tantric guides, Pleasure Coaches, Yogis and Way-Showers for The Aquarian Age. The first 3 months of 2021 will be yours to explore, and improve areas of your life, for bliss, fulfilment, and joy.

This is your invitation to rethink, realign, and reconsider your life's direction. “The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago, the best time to plant a tree is now”.

To discover ourselves, we need to look. This looking can happen right now. For so long, we have been missing what is fundamental to us. We have been overlooking ourselves, walking around in a trance, hypnotized, but now there is a clear way to wake up, to look around and be fully present in this moment. This moment is all we have, we dream that there is past and future, but in truth there is only our presence, our light, love.

This is a unique opportunity to make discoveries that will help you to blossom, grow and flourish in this New Year. Normally our Lightworkers would charge $250 a session but New Earth Visionaries have persuaded them to offer you a collection of intimate Zoom sessions with them - 25 different healing experiences so that you can open your heart and expand your expression in The Aquarian Age.

We hope that these sessions will allow you to recognize the light that you are, and fill you with joy.

Join the journey and access 25 healing experiences with videos over 3 months. You will be able to work live with the trainers and also keep the recording so you can go back over it! All live Zoom session will be recorded and available to view at your leisure.

Source: Saul Auty Near You

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