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Super easy way to book fitness a class and save money! Pay As You Go

4th August 2021

Super easy way to book fitness a class and save money! Pay As You Go

Fitness studios and gyms are opening up across the UK. Demand is high but resist the temptation to buy a new membership. The danger is restrictions could be re-imposed at any time. Why commit to ongoing monthly membership fees with the future so uncertain?

In this blog we look at why health clubs and gym memberships are often poor value for money. How to avoid the pitfalls of overpaying for fitness classes and activities, and why “Pay As You Go” is the new safer and more flexible way to keep fit and healthy.

Why do Gyms offer Free Trials?

The answer is simple they want to suck you in sign up to a membership plan so that they can get an ongoing revenue stream. In fact many gyms over sell there memberships because they know from experience many people drop out within a month of joining. Good for them but not so good for you.

Are Gym memberships good value for money post Covid?

The answer depends on how often you visit the gym. If you go down the gym everyday they are can be good value. If you pop in once a week they are probably offer less value for money, less than once a week and it would be hard to justify a membership.

The experience of many gym member last year was that cancelling memberships are not easy. Poor customer service resulted in many experiencing difficulties trying to cancel their memberships. Often paying for services they could not use.

Should I buy a buy club membership using a credit card rather than BACS?

Credit cards offer better security and the ability to challenge payments and get a refund. It is always better to pay by card. They are safer and include fraud prevention. Not only that if you accidentality transfer to the wrong bank account there is NO guarantee you will get it back!

If I'm not using my gym membership can I just stop my BACS payment?

Gym memberships usually involve you signing a membership contract. The contract will include cancellation policies. Read the polices carefully. You can cancel a direct debit however, you maybe still due to pay any contractual membership fees due. For example if you take out a 12 month contract and you cancel the direct debit half way through you could still be liable for the remainder of the contract.

During the lockdown in 2020 thousands of people found that they were being perused for the outstanding balances even though they could not use their memberships and had stopped their direct debits. 

Do credit and debit cards offer better protection for club membership purchases?

Using a credit or debit card can provide you with more protection. For credit cards you may be able to recover lost funds from your bank under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act, and for debit cards using the Chargeback Scheme.

Why do gyms charge Joining Fees?

Joining fees are essentially an extra charge that helps the gym or club generate extra income. In theory they cover extra admin costs of setting up your account. However, when joining a gym or studio online you are doing the admin work yourself so the cost is rarely if ever justified. With gyms keen to attract members back they often drop the joining fee. The idea is that it perceived as a price benefit to make it look like its a good re-join membership offer!

How can I buy access to the best instructors without paying a gym membership?

Platforms like NearYou offer a easy to use “Pay As You Go service”, this means that you only pay for what you use. Its very flexible and you decide which activities you and your family attend without being locked into a contract or pay any joining fees. The site only accepts credit cards or debit cards giving you the user extra protection.

The site offers a range of activities, in-person, online, and video on demand. Its the smart way to manage your fitness.

Why do thousands of people buy gym memberships that they hardly ever use?

Unused gyms memberships according to USA today 67% of gym memberships go unused! Consumers are shelling out millions in membership fees ever month for a service that they don't use. Why?

Most businesses would close if their customers never showed up. An empty restaurant is a disaster. An empty store means bankruptcy. At a gym, emptiness equals success.

Gyms actively design gyms so that people don't turn up!Gyms often overbook their membership up to x20 but if everyone turned up they would never get in! Listen to this excellent blog on the how gym and health clubs use psychology to attract members who don't go to the gym!

Listen to this blog.

Pay As You Go with NearYou

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