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THE Best Fitness Studio booking Software

4th August 2019

THE Best Fitness Studio booking Software

THE Best Fitness Studio booking Software

NOT being able to easily plan and book online can potentially put people off of doing more physical activity according to recent research conducted by Sports England.

"Most people think ordering a takeaway is easier than booking an exercise class"

As a result, one in five people are completely put off exercising. According to UK Sports Minister Mims Davies said: “It should be as easy to book a class, a workshop, or fitness event as it is to order your favourite takeaway or hire a cab.”

The reality is that Joe public now expect to find, book, and pay for fitness activities online.

NearYou marketing & booking platforms empowers independent fitness studios to take online bookings.

Small independent fitness businesses are by far and away the biggest providers of fitness activities in the UK. They provide tens of thousands of classes, workshops, events and courses throughout the UK.

Many of these fitness businesses struggle to market themselves and implement online payments. As a result they are missing out on potential students and revenue.

NearYou marketing and booking platform gives these business like these the tools to reach people looking for fitness classes and we make it easy for them to book online.

NearYou makes it easy for the public to book classes

The NearYou platform focuses on easy of use. It's possible for a member of the public to find and book a class in less than a minute. Fact is the public love the ease of purchase and the customer support. Here's why.

* Easy to purchase

* Good pricing

* Local venues

* Time, difficulty level

* Description of the activity

NearYou is gives the fulfils the needs of the public, enabling them to book activities Near where they live or work, quickly and easily with the security of knowing that they are dealing with the reputable business.

What the Sports Councils research didn't mention

One of the key factors that influence purchasing decisions online are reviews. According to Feefo one of the largest independent review services reviews play a very important part in customers buying services. Reviews are considered important by 80% of people making online purchases.

The NearYou platform includes Feefo reviews from genuine customers who purchased classes and activities online.

The reality is that the public are wary of booking online with business they don't know especially small business. Its not just a matter of making it easy for people to book online, reputation and credibility, are equally if not more important.... and that's where the NearYou platform helps smaller businesses attract online bookings.

The platform won 3 Feefo Gold Standard awards in 2019 rating the platform 4.9/5.

Affordable Marketing and Booking System

Fitness businesses love the system, they can run their business almost on autopilot. Its designed to help small independent business reach people looking to get fit and stay fit.

The platform allows businesses to reach hundreds of thousands of people every month looking for activities.

Easy to use, full scheduling facility, take online payments, booking management system plus free marketing and promotional tools built in.

The platform not only delivers students, it helps improve cash flow and retention rates.

Its fully automated making it easier for the vast majority of fitness business complete with the big box fitness centers.

Empower your business

If you run a fitness business join the Near You Platform. Its inexpensive, great value for money. WE make booking an activity as easy as ordering your favourite take away.

Fitness studios, put the NearYou marketing and booking platform to work for your business...We exist to help and inspire people like you to achieve more than they ever thought possible by FULLY utilising the Near You platform.



Source: NearYou

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