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The purpose and benefits of meditation

21st June 2022

The purpose and benefits of meditation

Meditation is a great way to improve wellbeing 

Meditation is the art of observing with detachment. It involves observing thoughts, feelings, and the senses without getting involved. 

Meditation is like observing the sky, and watching the clouds go by. You are to watch things come and go, but not be highly interested in them. 

The less interested you are, the further away the clouds are. 

This means that emotional states that were once intense, become lighter and further away. 

The more you meditate, the further away these things are. That includes thoughts, sensations, and what is observed by the senses. 

Why is this helpful? Well, someone who is struggling with intense emotional states can change them just by meditating. 

Whenever an emotional state arises, they learn to allow it to come up, observe it, and remain detached as the witness of it. 

The more that one gets use to this, the further and further away the emotional state will be. Until, it is barely noticeable, and in some cases disappears altogether. 

This can be a great release for many people who have been struggling with feelings or thoughts their entire life. This simple process alone can free many people from decades of suffering.

The way we respond

Meditation will alter the way you react to things and situations. Rather, than getting caught up in the drama, you will be highly alert and present, whilst being able to observe what is really happening. 

How is this going to improve your wellbeing?

You will naturally be calmer and more spacious, and you won't be effected by emotional states or life situations as much.

You will be less distracted, and less compulsive. Your unnatural desires will fade away, and peace will naturally arise because of this.

Everything we perceive, comes and goes.

Meditation is also important because in life, everything that we perceive will come and go.

Clinging is a big reason for suffering in a humans life.

In Buddhism, they call clinging and desire ignorance. This is because what we are clinging on to will come and pass. By letting go, and remaining as the witness, this suffering will be removed over time. 

Your life begins to change

For most of our lives we have been conditioned to be highly interested in emotional states, thoughts and sense objects. 

However, as you start meditating, these will fade and our behaviours will change as a result. You will become more peaceful and restful. 

Due to meditation, our lives will most likely change for the better. Feelings and thoughts that once used to effect our life in a negative way will begin to fade as they lose their sting.

This will also have an effect on our behaviour. By being more calm, you are more likely to behave in a calm and positive manner. Your actions will be more harmonious and peaceful. This will have a big impact on the people around you who will also pick up on this.

You will not be rushing around like before, compulsively doing things that are unnecessary. You will not be restless, constantly having to do something not to be irritated. 

Instead, you will be at peace and your life will flow harmoniously. 

You may stand out

You may stand out to other people, and this is natural.  It is natural because most humans are still highly interested in thoughts, feelings and sense objects. 

By meditating, you will go beyond this and stand out from most people in a beautiful way.

You will be peaceful, happy and a light in the world. People who are seeking peace will be attracted to you. Your presence will provide rest for those who are weary, and tired from their minds and emotions.

This is a beautiful gift you can give to the world because all humans are seeking peace and rest.

Source: Saul (Near You Team)

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