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Touché learn the art of Fencing London

29th November 2019

Touché learn the art of Fencing London

Fencing brings together both mental and physical exercise for both adults and for children. It involves strategy, tactics, psychology, requiring split-second thinking to out wit your opponent.

Learn from one of the best Fencing clubs in London, the Knightsbridge Fencing Club


It's been called “physical chess”.

Fencing classes will help you to develop mental awareness, coordination, strength, balance, dexterity and aerobic fitness.

Fencing is a physical workout for the mind and body requiring split-second thinking to out which wit your opponent.

Learn how to attack, Parry, repost, counter-attack.

Fencing is a competition sport where you have to focus your entire energy on your opponent. It's a physical sport and arms and legs have to work together harmoniously as you attack defend and counter-attack.

Hone your technique and develop skills that not only challenge your mind, your body, and soul.

Fencing classes give the opportunity to channel aggression into a more harmonious spirit that that will challenge your physical fitness, flexibility, and dexterity.

Benefits of fencing

The main benefits of fencing is that it requires fast and accurate decision-making under pressure. According to research from the Journal of Sports-Medicine and physical fitness fences have superior processing powers compare to non-fences.

Superior fast coordination, of arms, legs, body positioning, have to work together to be a successful fencer. Speed, fast coordination is required to outwit your opponent.

Fencing improve speed both mentally and physically. Fencing is unique it requires superior speed over short intense durations of time.

Physical fitness, strength, and flexibility is required. Classes focus on developing strength in thighs, calfs, and arms. Overall fitness is required as fencing requires the ability to change move forwards, and backwards at speed.

Is fencing elitist?

The simple answer is NO, anyone can take part. Fencing has been with us for centuries. Modern fencing is available to anyone, you don't have to be a knight, soldier, aristocrat, or a Royal to learn and participating in this amazing sport.

It takes time to learn, fencing classes, are open to all levels, and all ages. Foundation Fencing classes for children can start as early as 5 years old.

Is fencing dangerous?

Three swords are used in the sport of fencing the sabre, the epee and the foil. Modern fencing is fast and furious, touches are recorded electronically! Fencers wear protective clothing and helmets. The prospect of getting hurt is low.

Is Fencing Expensive?

Fencing isn't a cheap sport however fencing clubs often run introductory fencing lessons and you can use the clubs equipment before buying your own (usually after you have completed a beginners course).

Prices can vary, expect to pay £40 per class, including fencing kit. Private lessons are more expensive, expect to pay £105.

Schools are taking up fencing as a sport, check with the sports department to see if they can arrange fencing classes for your school.

Do I need specialist equipment

Specialist equipment is required, mask, glove and weapon to a lame jacket, body wire, breeches and a protective 'plastron' that covers the torso and sword arm (women will also need a chest guard ). At first you'll probably be able to borrow or hire club gear.

Do I need to join a club?

The answer is of course yes. It’s not a sport you can learn on your own, or by watching a YouTube video.

Where can i find a fencing Club Near Me?

Fencing clubs in London. Recommended the Knightbridge Fencing Club a premier London Fencing club, with a truly dedicated committed team. They will help you hone your fencing skills.

Source: NearYou

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