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UFC fight night at the 02 Arena London. This Saturday 21 July promises to be a major boost for young British MMA fighters.

22nd July 2022

UFC fight night at the 02 Arena London. This Saturday 21 July promises to be a major boost for young British MMA fighters.

The fights will take place on Saturday night, and will be held in the 02 Arena. The main headline fights include Paddy Pimblett, Tom Aspinall, and Molly McCann.

The event will be shown exclusively live at 6pm (8pm main card) on Saturday 23 July on BT Sport 1HD.

Paddy Pimblett is the people's main event. With a huge following around the world, he says this will be his last UK event. He told ESPN interviewers that he will be fighting only in the US after this fight, and will be on PPV. He has only had two fights, but is already a star. Paddy has already been given a new contract to match his fame in the UFC since his first fight. His social media is rapidly blowing up, and his scouse persona is a big hit with fans around the world. He will be facing Jordan Levitt, a fighter who Paddy has called a “crab and a nobody with only 12 thousand followers.” He spoke of Jordan's unimpressive victories against fighters who are “fat and belong in a retirement home” according to Paddy the Baddy.

Jordan Levitt does look like a reasonable fighter and he must be good to be an athlete in the UFC. However, Paddy appears to already be dismissing him as a real challenge. This may be naïve of Paddy, or he could just be telling us the truth and he really is that good. If he is a good as he thinks he is, then Paddy is set to be a huge star. He has the persona and all he needs are the wins in the UFC to be the real deal. Conor McGregor went on to win the featherweight and lightweight belt after his hype when he was new to UFC, and this established him as one of the greats. Paddy will need to do the same to be considered a great athlete in this sport. This is what Paddy will be looking to do in his fight on the weekend. He wants to win in impressive fashion, and move to the United States to continue his dream.

Tom Aspinal will be facing Curtis Blaydes, and he says “nothing has changed since his last fight”. He is more confident and has trained even harder for this upcoming fight. He spoke of his opponent bringing a drive in him that he has never had before. Curtis Blaydes is a top fighter, and “he is the guy who no one else wants to fight.” He is a really dangerous fighter with amazing wrestling but he is good in all areas of fighting and his striking is also lethal too. It will be a tough fight for Tom in front of the UK crowd, but he is up for it and even encouraged by the challenge. Both Curtis and Tom know how important this fight is since the Heavyweight Belt is up for grabs. These current fights are like the semi-finals of the UFC for the World Heavyweight Championship. They will be as prepared as possible, and ready to headline a big night in the 02 arena.

Dana White is talking about how the UK is up and coming for MMA with fighters like Paddy Pimblett, Tom Aspinall and Molly McCann. They are new stars of the UFC and they are representing the UK in a great way. It is not just the fighters who are representing the UK but also the crowd. The UK crowd is seen as one of the best in the world, and is a great attraction for Dana White who can see the popularity of the sport thriving in the UK. With young stars up and coming there will be more and more people interested in the sport and looking to take martial arts classes. Dana White will continue to grow the sport in the UK, but it is strongly being supported by the fighters and the crowd who continue to make the events a huge success.

Source: Saul Writing

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