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Wellness Tourism set to be worth almost a $919 Billion Dollars in 2020

17th February 2020

Wellness Tourism set to be worth almost a $919 Billion Dollars in 2020

"The wellness tourism industry is growing at an annual rate of 7.5% yearly growth, and is set to be worth $919 million by 2020." according to market indicators.•

The figures vary but one thing we can be sure of is that wellness tourism is growing fast.

These sorts of statistics can be very dull. We can see and read them in any article about the wellness industry, or any industry for that matter. The word itself "industry", can sound very dry, and send most readers to sleep within about two minutes.

We are not here to sleep, but to wake up. 

It is difficult to stay awake in such a mundane world. We find every route that leads us away from the reality, into a fantasy. We dream of lavish escapes to retreat centres high up in the mountains, or by serene lakes and waterfalls.

We fantasize about becoming enlightened through a two week ayahuasca retreat, where we get to meet mother ayahuasca herself, and be free of all of our past trauma, and receive our due healing.

How much do people spend per wellness trip?

How much are we willing to spend on these trips? On average, international wellness tourists spent $1,528 per trip.

When one see's this statistic, one thinks why would someone spend so much money? 

According to one article surfacing on the internet, their hypothesis is: "It’s because people are overworked, over whelmed, and under so much damn pressure that when they finally get the chance to escape they want to return home feeling better than before."

This article seems to suggest that intelligent human beings, feel awful because of the way they live.

To epitomise: humans are slaves in a cruel harsh world, where your only escape is a yearly trip to the retreat centre on the Costa Rican coast, that costs us around $1,528.

However, we should not just assume that this is the only way to live. There should not be a remedy for life, where we treat life as some torturous experience that we can only escape from for a week or two.

For most people this may be the case. They may only find joy on the weekends, or on their yearly trips, or in their imagination. But, what they cannot see is that life is beauty, joy, freedom, love and celebration.

For people who cannot see this, they are likely to feel that life is a constant battle, full of pressure, and unfair circumstances.

Osho would tell his childhood story of living by a river, where people would frequently drown. He once saw someone drowning, and saw them splashing violently in the water, "Why don't you lie back and float?" he thought, but it was too late and they drowned.

Everytime he was in the river, even if he didn't feel like swimming, he would just float, and would drfit about on the top of the water. The memory of people fighting and struggling against the river would sometimes occur to him, as he gently floated on his back downstream. 

It makes you wonder how many people are struggling against life, rather than floating downstream.

How many people are struggling everyday to feel at peace, and be happy?

There must be a lot, if the Wellbeing tourism industry is expected to be worth $919 billion in 2020 and rising.

What is the alternative? This is the key question. Once, you have tried all the quick fixes, you will realise that you need to take a more serious approach.

When I say serious approach, I do not mean, a dull and boring approach. I mean that you have to be passionate about being happy, and not content with being miserable, and moaning about life anymore.

You want an answer, and you want it now! It cannot wait until your next wellbeing retreat. It has to be now, no more delays.

You have to start with your self. 

You are the key to your own lock, you just don't realise it yet. You are the answer. Thats why you have to begin with your self.

A great way is to start meditating.

Meditation will allow you to be aware of all the negative thoughts, and feelings, that have been believed in for so long, and will allow you to let these feelings go.

Once, the feelings and thoughts are let go, the sky will be clear. There will no more thick clouds of smog, that cover your natural happiness and joy.

Your smile and laughter will be a light to all the people around you, that life is rich, life is abundant, it just has to be discovered.

What you are searching for is here now on You just have to discover it. 

As Saint Francis of Assisi said, "What you are looking for, is the one who is looking". 

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