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What is the best value way to get fit Near Me

9th January 2020

What is the best value way to get fit Near Me

With NearYou you pay for activities, not advertising campaigns. That is why it is great value for money.

With NearYou you pay for what you get not a glossy TV commercial.

Currently and the big box gyms and on line membership fitness platforms are running advertising campaigns to boost their memberships. They do this in the full knowledge that many people who sign up will have stopped going within months.

For many the cost of memberships with the big box gyms and online memberships is based on you not attending the gym or using the platform.

This is the exact opposite of the image they portray.

Why are gym and online fitness membership websites poor value for money compared to NearYou?

Gym memberships and online memberships (like MoveGB and ClassPass) prices are based on the fact that most members will only go to the gym once or twice a month. This means that many people will end up paying for access that they rarely use. The cost is therefore high and value low. You could typically pay anything from £75 upwards to visit the gym once a month. Thats a high price to pay.

Clearly some people who go to the gym everyday will be the beneficiary of your mentorship fee.

However, hard core users are limited to a very small number of fitness addicts typically 5-10% of a gyms membership base.

They benefit you lose.

Why NearYou is great value

In contrasts NearYou you pay for class, workshops, events courses as required. This means No wasted money on unused time. NearYou offers a highly flexible booking system, where you can book a singles class, a block or events, even a flexible class pass where, and when you want. So, if you go on holiday your not paying for something your not using.

Why gym classes are not as highly rated compared to NearYou teachers?

Big box gym teachers and coaches are are the lower end of the pay scale when it comes to instruction. Teachers in gyms are typically on very low wages, so they tend to attract teachers who have just qualified, not necessary the best experienced teachers.

Couple that with low pay and you can find yourself in a class run by a demotivated instructor with often little real life teaching experience.

In fact many of the training bodies recruit students by offering them placements in gyms once they have qualified.

Not a recipe for getting the best instruction.

Why Near You offers the best fitness instructors

In contrast NearYou gives you access to experienced qualified instructors, across a range of fitness activities, Pilates, Yoga, Dance, Martial Arts, boutique fitness studio classes, a whole range of activities. These offer the best classes run by the best instructors. NearYou Feefo reviews highlight just how good Near You classes are. Frequently achieving 5/5 star ratings. 

See our NearYou Feefo reviews here.

Why is it difficult to access quality Classes in gyms unlike NearYou?

Gym memberships may include classes, however, popular classes such as yoga, Pilates or Aerobic fitness will tend to be overbooked, gaining access to classes is often difficult it not impossible. Some membership fees includes classes however some do not.

Buyer beware.

Why Near You offers you is easy to the access best classes money can buy.

Classes on NearYou are run by independent fitness businesses who's teachers focus on quality instruction. They live or die based the quality of their classes. The don't have big marketing or TV budgets, so they use NearYou to attract discerning people who look for the best. You can find available classes on a day and time to suit you. Theres are thousands of activities and fitness activities on the platform. Just book on NearYou online and turn up.

Just search for activities in your on NearYou, find what you are looking for and book.

Why do Gyms offer Free trials and NearYou doesn't?

The difference is that NearYou is a PAY AS YOU GO service, where as most gym memberships, Class Pass and MoveGB are keen to sign you up for a expensive membership plans. The expensive fees they charge you, pay for free trails. Theres no such thing as a FREE LUNCH.

When is a free trail not a free trail? Often free trials exclude or have limited classes and activities that you can join. Big gyms and fitness studios don't want classes packed with freeloaders, because it upsets hardcore paying customers. 

Be aware that online membership platform such as MoveGB and ClassPass have free trail activity exclusions. You will often have to pay more for certain classes, activities, and access to premium studios. In the end you could end up with little or no choice, or having to pay more to get premium access!

Don't be fooled Free trails are just a teasers used by big box gyms to get you to sign up.

NearYou Offers the best classes at attractive prices 

NearYou focuses and delivering the very best activities and teachers at attractive prices. Premium activities, and the best classes at very affordable prices.

We don't offer free trials simply because you pay as you go.

Why do gyms and online platforms like ClassPass or MoveGB make to sign a contract?

Gyms rely on your membership fees. They have fixed costs that you pay for whether you use the gym or not. Big box gyms and online membership platforms such as class pass have been criticised for making it difficult to cancel memberships.

Check the cancellations before signing up for a membership or free trial.

The same applies to some online fitness membership platforms, they use your membership fee to negotiate rates with gyms and studios in some cases even paying these businesses to be on their platforms. As a result you are subsidising their business model. Companies such as Groupon and MoveGB take advantage of gyms and studios trying to offload empty spaces in classes. They sell access to classes that no-one goes too or have very low attendances. This improves their profitability at your expense.

Effectively they are fitness and gym bucket shops that sell activities that no one wants to go to. no memberships fees, the apps and websites are free to search.

Near You has no membership fees, no contracts, and gives you unlimited access. Just book an activity.

You will pay a 6% service fee which covers customer support, SMS and email, messaging and our excellent customer support when you book an activity.

Remember, you only pay the service fee when you book a fitness activity.

Where do I find the Best Fitness activities NearMe?

Near You has thousands of activities to choose from. You can access classes, courses, workshops, social events, workshops, even class passes on any device., iPhones, Android and tablets.

There are no membership fees, no commitment just pick THE BEST activities Near Me.

Start your new life here.

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The most comprehensive look at the history & rise of Classpass and its potential future. by Othmane Rahmouni

Source: NearYou

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