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Whats the Best Free APP for finding Fitness Classes & activities?

22nd November 2020

Whats the Best Free APP for finding Fitness Classes & activities?

The market is flooded with fitness class finder and activity apps. So, we were super excited to get our hands on the new major upgraded to the NearYou class finder iPhone App. It's built on the mobile responsive web version which is has proven be very responses mobile web browsers such as safari and Google. The NearYou Fitness App taking online #fitness to the next level.

The New app coincides with the latest launch of the iOS 14 and MacOS BigSur with its biggest Safari update ever. Its built on the latest X code to take advantage of the new Apple software and devices coming onto the market before Christmas. 

One of the X12 reasons this app is good is the search is spot on...the best.

Why does it have the best App Search?

The NearYou App has effectively has 2 search modes, online and location based. This is the key its very simple to use. Once you have the mode selected just find a class, workshop, event, or course online or in-person.

Why the NearYouApp have the best interface with ZOOM classes?

This guys have recognised that making access to online classes and in-person (when they are available) needs to be upfront not hidden in the back of the store. So, you get to access all the important stuff right on the home screen, like todays classes, my favourite instructors my bookings.

Big, Bright and Useful

Yes the new App get to use all those bright shinny Super Retina and true colour displays, across Apple devices quality delivered to using Super Fast CDNs in over 110 countries. Add in video showcases and get to see what you can expect in a class or activity. Pretty smart, we are impressed.

Filters were made for this

New filters gets you to the action so you don't need to wade through literally hundreds of classes to find what your looking for. Get to the best teachers, best classes and book its that simple. Of course you can take your time and just browse the fitness store of everything.

Why No Free Classes? On NearYou

Whats really good about this App is you don't get plagued with people trying to get you to join a free class. Fact is you know its not free its just a come on. Thats the good thing about the NearYou App they focus on a quality, in App and quality of the teachers. Its different from other apps a kaleidoscope of badly thought out ideas and even worse a mis-match of classes some free some paid 

, others you have to subscribe to join. With NearYou you just find, book and GO.

Transparently Awesome

NearYou always the leader, never the follower, sets its stall out nicely so that you get to see whats on offer, prices, deals, ratings, and videos at search level. These guys are better than Google when it comes to showing relevant search results. Nice, neat, tidy. 

The Best Fitness APP search fully transparent pricing no hidden subscription fees. Refreshingly honest.

NearYou App focus on being the best

Whats interesting about this bunch is that they just keep on innovating. Theres no stopping then CEO Stephen Auty a consummate entrepreneur is driving the expansion of services. Its good to see that despite the impact of worldwide lockdowns, NearYou is up there with the very best.

It did not surprise me to learn they just won the Health and Beauty e-Commerce award UK 2020. There good so download ad the app and I guess if your a instructor you should climb on board now. 

Download the Upgraded NearYou App

Its free to download and use. Use Apple ID and Apple pay to find book and buy classes and activities.

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