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Whats the best place to find Dancing near you?

19th April 2021

Whats the best place to find Dancing near you?

Finding local Dance classes has never been easier. The all new Dance NearYou website, features videos, reviews, and a huge range of dance activities. It's fun, exciting, and new. The new site features a radical new design that makes finding that perfect dance partner a breeze.

Booking a dance is easy, just find the class and book using ApplePay or GooglePay. One click and your booked in. No memberships or ongoing commitment just pay as you go. It could not be easier.

Dance Near You is an award winning website, winning Feefo Gold Awards based on feedback from genuine customers who rated Dance Near You websites and mobile apps for service and the classes. 

Whats is the best dance website?

The best dance website for finding dance classes is Yoga Class Near You or its sister website It offers a quick and easy way to find yoga on any device. It lists qualified yoga teachers that regularly receive 5 star ratings because of the quality of their yoga lessons.

Unlike other websites it does not charge membership fees it works as a pay as you go service. In a nutshell its fast, quick, easy, and gives the public to access to a world of yoga at an affordable price per class.

What's new on the Dance NearYou website?

The new site utilises the latest colour schemes to make classes and action buttons stand out. The major innovation is the incorporation of streaming video throughout the website. View dance class content online before joining a class. 

  • Streaming video used throughout the website
  • Search gets a new dark mode look 
  • More brighter colours and action buttons
  • Easier navigation
  • Faster page open rates
  • Fully SEO optimised

The site fully optimised for mobile browsers, fast page loads, easy read text, highlighted action buttons. 

What is the easiest way to find a Dance classes?

NearYou power calender allows customers to find classes, workshops, events, courses by day and time. Just choose a date to see classes running near you. Just select and book. Its never been easier to book a dancing class. Remember NearYou is a pay as you go service no membership fees.

View show case videos when you search

Search incorporates show case videos. Now you can view a dance studio, cool, or instructor teaching on the search pages. It makes choosing an instructor even easier.

Easy access to dance video VOD 

Access high quality dance videos series online. Learn and practice dancing from the comfort of your own home. Great value video with no monthly contracts just buy and watch. Same HD quality as Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Dance teachers join the best

Despite the lockdown dance teachers on dance Near You have survived and prospered. Many dance instructors are making a very good living, keeping their customers fit and active. If you are a qualified experienced instructor join NearYou the best fitness platform to grow your dance business.

The NearYou platform excels in giving independent instructors the power to run their own businesses. Its inexpensive and easy to use. Find out more.

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Source: NearYou

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