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Whats the best thing I need to do to keep fit in 2020?

2nd January 2020

Whats the best thing I need to do to keep fit in 2020?

Whats the best thing I need to do to keep fit in 2020?

The best thing you can do to keep fit in 2020 is to commit yourself and your family. Traditionally people sign up top gyms and fitness centres for a year and then after a month give up. Fitness is for life not a month. Its probably the best present you can give yourself this year.

Make a decision to keep fit in 2020.

Can Anyone can get fit and stay fit this year?

Anyone can get fit and stay fit. We could go through all the reasons for joining a fitness activity this year. In the end you know it makes sense. You don't need a list.

You just need to commit.

Where can I find the best fitness teachers and instructors near me? 

Find thousands of classesworkshops, course and events Near You for all levels all over the UK. Everything from Pilates, Yoga, Dance, Martial arts and loads more.

Even better, these classes are run by some of the best teachers and instructors in the UK. Read NearYou Feefo reviews. Our teachers regularly get 5 star ratings because they are so good.

Where can I find affordable classes with NO commitment? has some truly awesome offers and the great thing is you can pick and choose which classes, events and workshops fit your budget.

No gimmicks, no membership fees, no ongoing subscriptions, just book an activity where and when you want.

Where can I find a huge range of fitness activities near me?

Fancy fencing classes this month, singing lessons next month? No problem, try a range of activities that take your fancy. Need bit of stress relief try yoga, want a workout join a dance aerobic class.

Its not just about fitness.... its social.

Gyms, are soulless places, filled with machines, inhabited with people tuned into their headphones.

Classes on NearYou are social where you get to meet people, learn from others, chat relax and keep it.

Join a NearYou class and meet people.

Everyone benefits from keeping active.

Classes are a levellers bankers, administrators, plumbers, seniors, all participate, they are there to learn a new activity. Leave the Rolex behind, join people who simply want to stay fit and healthy.

Bring your partner along! Fitness is for everyone, so why not book a class for you and your partner?

Anyone can join a class

All ages need to keep fit. From the very young to the not so young. Learn from the best teachers. Get quality instruction, this makes all the difference and you will see the benefit quicker.

Your never too young or too old to get active.

Where can I find the best classes Near Me?

NearYou makes it easier to book a class. The apps make it even easier to find an activity near where you live or work. Keep up-to-date with local events. The apps add your classes to your calender, notifications so you never miss a class.

Start today and start the FEELGOOD.

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