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Where can seniors find the best classes Near Me?

15th January 2020

Where can seniors find the best classes Near Me?

Why are Silver surfers are filling Boutique Fitness studios and independent instructors classes?

Near You looks at the changes that are being overlooked by the fitness industry.

Could this be a tipping point, as cash struck gyms chase cash poor millennial's at the expense of more affluent silver surfers.

The fitness industry still lives in the past. Big advertising campaigns by the big box gyms, fail to recognise the huge silver surfer market. TV images and media campaigns feature, filled with glossy images of young nubile females, and males, whilst attractive to Millennials fail to engage with seniors.

Silver surfers are a growing group who have money, and time on their hands to get fit and stay fit and they are prepared to pay. In return they expect quality instruction, from the best fitness instructors and teachers near them.

Thats where comes in, offering the best activities, best fitness instructors, boutique studios, that caters for all ages.

Whats the difference between Silver surfers and Millennials when it comes to activities?

Whilst Millennials want cheap deals and access to exercise machines, senior surfers are looking for expertise, empathy, and a truly great experience with others. Many millennials are happy to pop down the gym first thing in the morning or after work, pop their headphones on and work up a sweat, silver suffers by contrast look for a workout with personal and social engagement.

NearYou focuses on that personal attention, quality instruction, and social interaction.

Are silver surfers prepared to pay more for fitness activities?

Silver surfers tend to be more affluent, retired or nearing retirement. They have probably paid off their mortgage, downsized, and the kids have left home. With no more horrendous school fees, they have more cash available and more free time to do the things they want to do.

They want the best teachers and are prepared to investment in their health and fitness, and they will pay for a quality experience, that enhances their lives.

NearYou focuses on quality not price. The platform has a range of price packages, from one off classes, blocks, terms and course. Plus a ClassPass that offers seniors flexible options so they can try a range of fitness classes.

Why do Gyms pay lip service to seniors?

This is a big market that many gyms and fitness studios fail to acknowledge. They pay lip service to the older generation. Why? Firstly because classes are more expensive to run, time consuming, and expensive. Secondly they have to find and attract pay the best instructors more money. As a result whilst they may offer classes for older people, they tend to be fewer available because they reduce a gyms profit margin. These classes may not be included in the gym membership fee.

NearYou focuses on classes for everyone, hence or strap line “Anyone Can”. The platform gets amazing reviews because the quality of the classes is 5 star. See reviews.

Do Gym groups and even fitness coaches patronize seniors?

Whilst it is dangerous to make sweeping statements, anecdotal evidence on NearYou suggests that, gyms are often run by younger people who seem to think seniors can't use computers and therefore focus there online fitness marketing at millennials. Ignoring the fact that 67% of retirees regularly access online services. When did you last see an over 50 person on a Instagram or facebook advertising campaign?

NearYou display images all seniors, children, all ages, sex, ethnicity and gender. We see silver surfers as an important growing market that other fitness platforms and big box gyms are ignoring.

Where can Seniors find the best classes Near Me?

Use the website, choose an activity. Use the filter to find classes for seniors. Some seniors people prefer to attend mixed age group classes. They don't feel old, they dont like the label senior and why should they. Just search for a fitness activity near me

Source: NearYou

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