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Why are Pay As You Go classes are better value than gym memberships during Covid-19?

20th September 2020

Why are Pay As You Go classes are better value than gym memberships during Covid-19?

The Covid-19 crisis is making the future of gyms unpredictable and leisure centres. One thing that we can predict is that the Covid-19 crisis has permanently accelerated new ways for people to get fit and stay healthy under lockdown.

Many gyms and fitness centres are struggling to re-open, their class sizes are being reduced, enhanced cleaning is required, all these factors taking toll on their finances. Some have closed for good and others are in bad shape.

Add in the uncertainly of further lockdowns as the government grapples with the crisis this can only add to their problems. 

Why should you avoid paying for gym or leisure centre memberships?

Gym memberships, usually require subscribers to commit to paying a monthly membership usually by direct debit. Under normal conditions if you use all the facilities they can represent reasonable value for money and an easy way to pay for membership. However, in the current crisis, facilities maybe reduced, classes stopped, creches closed, and even worse maybe closed complete if a local lockdown is enforced.

Answer: Customers could easily end up paying for a membership that they can't access. Pay as you go.

What is the best alternative to Gym Memberships?

Pay as You Go booking is growing in popularity especially since the lock down started. Its is a simple and easy way to access the best fitness class, like Pilates, Yoga, dance and martial arts without having to commit to a long term membership.

Answer: Best to find a fitness activity on NearYou, book online pay as you go.

Why should I pay by card? 

Credit cards are safe to use and they give you the ability to pay for classes, events, workshops, courses, and videos, just book now and settle at the end of the month. Credit card and debit cards are a very secure and easy way to pay especially if you can use ApplePay or GooglePay. Plus if there is an issue you can get a quick refund.

Answer: During lockdown the government advising customers to avoid paying by cash or cheques to reduce the chance of infection. Best to pay by card.

What is the advantage of paying for activities as you go?

Customers only pay for activities that they know they can attend. Constant changes to the lock down rules, nationally, locally, or regionally mean that its difficult to predict if you will be able to attend an in person class or fitness activity.

Answer: Paying As You Go, reduces your risk of paying for an activity that you will be unable to attend.

Are in person classes better than online zoom classes?

This is a matter of opinion. However, what we can say with certainty is that Zoom fitness classes have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers. NearYou received more 5 star Feefo reviews during the lockdown than previously. The professionalism of NearYou yoga teachers, pilates instructors online shone through, and the video on demand has been warmly received.

Answer: In person classes are not currently widely available and class sizes are small. Best to Book on NearYou and keep your options open. Use NearYou to Pay as You go and access the best teachers offering classes.

Gym memberships are facing an uphill struggle but you don't need to.

The prospect of more lock downs, can only mean that gym memberships will no longer apeal to most people. The gym fanatics will continue paying and going but they represent just 10% of gym members.

Answer: Switch to Pay as You go with NearYou the best and most affordable way to keep fit. Spread the word.

Source: NearYou

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