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Why have more men turned to Yoga in the Lockdown

16th November 2020

Why have more men turned to Yoga in the Lockdown

In this lockdown, we have seen far more men signing up for yoga and Pilates classes. There must be plenty of men who are working from home, or currently spending more time in the house, who are looking for new ways of exercising, and ways to feel better. Many have turned to yoga and Pilates for the answer.

Many men are seeing how accessible yoga and Pilates is. Get a mat, find some space, and 30 minutes to unwind and stretch, and pretty quickly you will be feeling better. Rejuvenation, and revitalization are revealing themselves in those who practice. They are seeing the fruits of yoga and Pilates and are making the most of them in this lockdown, with a 10% increase in the number of men booking online classes on Near You.

With short video snippets, and photos of poses on social media, people are getting inspired to try these activities for themselves. Lebron James has been frequently posting about yoga to his Instagram platform, and men are beginning to follow his ways and are using yoga and Pilates as a way to keep fit and healthy during this lockdown.

People like Lebron James, Russel Brand, and Sadhguru are posting videos, podcasts and much more on yoga, meditation and pilates on a regular basis. They mention how their lives have been improved as a result of these practices, and it is clear men are wanting to see this benefits for themselves.

Both Sadghuru and Russel Brand talk about yoga for its mental and physical benefits. They explain how Yoga can teach us how our minds work, and how to overcome the habits of the mind, so that we can realize our innate peaceful nature. In Russel Brands podcast, he talks about this topic in great depth with his guests, and Sadghuru does the same on his youtube, which has millions of followers.

These videos and podcasts have been really useful for men who have been struggling during the lockdown, who have been looking for a source of peace and relaxation. Many men are seeking peace and relaxation, and yoga is definitely now seen as a way to help improve these attributes in ourselves.

Something has really spoken to the male demographic, and called them towards these practices. Both the powerful testimonies of Russel Brand, Lebron James, Sadghuru, and the accessible nature of yoga and Pilates has really helped them to grow, and become more popular during this lockdown for men.

We are really happy to see this, and to see people feeling better, developing their wisdom, and improving their overall well-being.

If you would like to find out more tweet us on our social media at @NearyouB. We would love to hear from you.

All the best, and Namaste, Saul

Source: Saul Auty Near You

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