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Why is NearYou better than Mindbody booking software 2021?

17th November 2021

Why is NearYou better than Mindbody booking software 2021?

Professional fitness studios and independent instructors understand that managing customers bookings is now an essential part of running a successful fitness business. 

One thing that most studios and clubs are beginning to realise “booking systems don't generate new customers they are designed to manage them”.

With fewer new customers walking through the door, and long time members refusing to return, the cost of a booking service is coming under greater scrutiny. 

But whats surprising is many fitness business don't actually know how much they are paying for the service

“ I didn't realise just how much Mindbody was costing us every month. When I looked at our monthly invoices the price was absolutely mind blowing! Plus we also use ClassPass* and they give us only a fraction of the advertised price for our classes. It was a revelation. That prompted us to start looking around” 

For obvious reasons we can't disclose the studio in question but it is not unusual. Our experience is very few know how much they are paying every month.

Even those who do reluctantly pay feeling that “it's a mouse trap” but we can't get out!

Not true.

… but lets dive a little bit deeper because its not just the price that Mindbody charges its has a fundamental flaw. A flaw that COVID 19 exposed and that was its a legacy booking system that was designed for a traditional studio or club set up, where studios primarily use the service to manage bookings.

It has little to NO outbound marketing functionality (despite their claims).

The reality is that studio owners have to do their own marketing, advertising, SEO, social media blasts, email marketing … website management and PAY MindBody on top.

Sounds crazy … it's true.

… That's bad news for Fitness studios looking to build back their customer base and attract customers who are happy to re-join classes. More work, more effort, and more money leaking out of the business every single month.

So what is the solution?

Theres only one FULLY automated Marketing and integrated booking platform and that's the NearYou platform. It gives studios automatic visibility on the internet and social media, reaching people looking to join classes and activities. 

A seamless search experience … for people booking activities.

Customers can search, find, and book activities, get automatic notifications, reminders and leave reviews.This increases the number of bookings for studios AND increases the value per booking by 31%* when compared with a studios own website bookings.

Check out our revenue calculator here.

Why pay for more for less?

Join NearYou and build back better … much better. See our revenue calculator to estimate how much you could generate, and when you see our prices see how much you could SAVE.

Fitness studios switch to NearYou the next generation fitness and wellness marketing platform.

Find out why NearYou is the future of fitness "say hello to the future" here

**Comparative figures based on booking values Sept-Nov 2021 Source NearYou

*ClassPass is now part of Mindbody it resells studio activities to its subscribers and pockets the difference.

Source: NearYou

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